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30 hour days?

Wed, 09 Jan 2019 21:23:15 GMT

Why does my calender have 30 hour days? I have a custom calender, but as far as I know, days, weeks and months are all that can be changed. If I select a time between 19:00 on the 1st to 18:45 on the second, it lists 29 hours and 45 minutes as the duration. When I assume it should be 23 hours, 45 minutes? Also, my dial has 30 hours on it. (Picture included of my example) [448309E6-1E8D-4A03-A64D-655019465008](//

Wed, 09 Jan 2019 21:40:10 GMT

Nvm, I answered my own question by experimenting with a new timeline. It has day lenth at the bottom of the calender options. Apparently I must have chosen 30 and simply don’t remember doing it.