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BC vs BCE vs BP

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 06:24:10 GMT

Hi - new to AeonTimeline 2 (on Mojave)… and loving it! Is it (yet) possible also to use Before the Common Era ('BCE') and Before the Present ('BP') in dates, please? As a historian, I'd like that option. Is there any consensus on what current thinking sees as best practice in this area? TIA!

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 23:15:29 GMT

Hi, You are able to change the template yourself to rename or change the eras that the timeline uses, however you can only do this on an empty timeline file. To adjust the calendar you open Timeline Settings (the cog icon) on an empty timeline, then select "Edit Calendar". Click on the Eras heading, and you will see the default two eras, BC and AD. You can rename BC to BCE and this will show in the timeline. I'm not completely sure about how historians use "Before the Present". From what I understand, it is used to represent dates before 1st Jan 1950 (eg. 1 BP would be the year 1949?) However I'm not sure how you then represent current dates. Does it then jump from 1 BP to 1950 AD? This type of calendar would not be able to be created in Aeon Timeline, a new era has to start at year 1. Jess

Mon, 04 Feb 2019 23:34:09 GMT

Thanks, Jess! Fortunately, the timeline for which I would want to change BC and AD to BCE and CE respectively has few enough events for me to start with an empty timeline and do as you kindly suggest :-) I notice that AeonTimeline 2 doesn't allow commas in dates: 600000, not 6000,000, for instance; this isn't an option also by any chance for easy reading is it? BP (Before the Present) hops over the division of AD 1 and would represent, say, 6,000 BC(E) as 8,000 BP because it's assumed that we are c.2,000… in such long time spans 1 few decades don't matter :-)