Version 2.3.16

Version 2.3.16 provides the following changes:

  • Fixed issue where Scrivener list-style properties could not be selected for syncing with single-value roles
  • Fixed issue where dragging column groups in Relationship View behaved incorrectly when some groups were hidden
  • Fixed issue where relative links were not updating correctly
  • Fixed issues in Sync Settings window when entity types or properties had slashes in their names
  • Windows: Auto-save and recovery fixed to remove older auto-saved files automatical

Version 2.3.13 / 2.3.14

Note: Windows version 2.3.14 is the equivalent of 2.3.13 on Mac.

Version 2.3.13 provides the following changes:

  • Removed automatic zoom in when expanding parent
  • Removed automatic colapse of parent events when zooming out
  • Fixed display bug that could cause text to overlap
  • Mac: Restore zoom slider to default toolbar
  • Windows: Fix potential crash when syncing with latest Windows Scrivener beta
    Mac App Store: Fix issue where Scrivener syncing could not correctly update Synopsis

Version 2.3.10

Version 2.3.10 provides the following changes:

  • Scrivener syncing: Fixed stability issue when closing a Scrivener project
  • Scrivener syncing: Fixed issue with syncing midnight dates with Scrivener
  • Scrivener syncing: No longer sets documents to “Untitled” if they are blank, to allow for Scrivener 3’s dynamic title
  • CSV Import: Prevent end dates being earlier than start dates
  • CSV Import: Added option to choose internal delimiter for fields with more than one value
  • CSV Export: Added era into the date for CSV exports when it is not “AD”
  • Fixed issues when cutting and pasting between timelines with different templates
  • Fixed stability issue when deleting tags
  • Added validation to prevent creating a calendar with 0 hours in a day
  • Fixed file extension for automatic backups
  • Fixed issue with dragging multiple events on the timeline
  • Role icons are now correctly saved in the template
  • WINDOWS: Fixed issue where attached/linked .txt files could not be opened by external applications
  • WINDOWS: Fixed crash when closing last timeline window while Options window is open
  • WINDOWS: Toolbar zoom slider now correctly reflects the zoom level when first opening a new timeline
  • Small additions to available color palette

Version 2.3.9

Version 2.3.9 provides the following changes:

  • Increased color palette to provide users more choice and flexibility
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dragging events into Scrivener/Ulysses binder from Relationship View
  • Adjusted age shown for entities in the Inspector to have more detail, based on the precision of the dates
  • Fixed a bug where external link images were not showing correctly on timeline
  • Improved handling of existing event values when changing a property between types (e.g. percentage to boolean)
  • Fixed a bug where external links were not correctly tracked through relative paths
  • Fixed a bug where external links with non-ASCII characters in filename would not open
  • Fixed a bug where external links were losing their titles
  • Fixed bugs affecting a small number of user timelines that could not be opened after upgrading
  • Fixed a bug where changing scroll behaviour did not take effect until the user next adjusted zoom
  • Workaround bug in MacOS that caused some events to be stuck on the screen
  • Fixed rare crashes when closing timelines
  • Fixed issues with upgrading directly from very old version 1 files to version 2.3
  • Fixed issue where deleting an event on iOS would not immediately sync across to Mac Desktop

Version 2.3.8

Version 2.3.8 provides the following changes:

  • Expanded events show first externally linked image for an event if no internal image is set
  • Users are given the choice of whether to convert local image links into internal images when upgrading a file
  • Fixed a bug where external links were losing their titles
  • Windows: Associated the new .aeonzip file extension with Aeon Timeline 2 so that files can be opened by double clicking

Version 2.3.7

iPad/iPhone App Support

Corresponding with the launch of our iPad/iPhone app, Aeon Timeline 2.3.7 contains a number of file changes required to support sharing timelines with iOS devices via iCloud or Dropbox.

New File Format – Images and Attachments

Aeon Timeline 2.3 uses a new file format with a new extension, .aeonzip. This file format has been updated to support portability of images and attachments: in addition to External Links, Aeon Timeline now also supports internal Attachments and Images which are stored as part of the timeline file, making them available on all devices.
For further information on upgrading to the new file format, see here:

Notifications and Reminders

Version 2.3 includes a new Notifications and Reminders window. This window provides some helpful suggestions when getting started with a new timeline, and allows you to add your own To Do list and reminders.

Performance improvements

Version 2.3 includes significant performance improvements for very large timeline files (1000+ events, 30+ entities).

Other Changes:

  • New entity type and role icon sets to suit the shared iOS/Desktop environment, and improve rendering performance
  • New shared color palette to suit the new iOS themes
  • Plus many bug fixes

Version 2.2.6

Bugs fixed:

  • WINDOWS: Improves blurred font display on high-resolution 4k screens
  • Fix crash when syncing caused when a deleted property, entity type or role is still included in Sync Settings
  • Syncing no longer compares data against deleted custom metadata fields.

Version 2.2.5 (Mac only)

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed crash with Move Items to Trash when  syncing with Ulysses

Version 2.2.4

Version 2.2.4 includes many improvements when syncing with Ulysses, including speed improvements and background processing for slow Ulysses updates so that you can continue to work as the updates are processed.

Additional new features and bug fixes include:

  • Added option in Display Settings to show event duration as part of title
  • Fixed bug with Ulysses syncing so that tags and keywords are correctly synced
  • Fixed bug with Ulysses syncing where notes could be duplicated
  • Fixed bug where Ulysses Groups are shown under “unlinked documents” on the Warnings tab.
  • Fixed bug reordering columns in Relationship View
  • Fixed bugs in expanded event display of tags and checkbox values
  • Fixed bug where time was omitted when exporting to CSV
  • Fixed bug that allowed Add Event window to be submitted with invalid data
  • Searching for “Now” or “Today” will now scroll to local time instead of GMT
  • Disable menu items in project selection window
  • Indicate error in Add Entity window when typing a name that already exists
  • Fixed rounding on calculation of parent numeric values
  • Undoing bulk syncing actions now applies to everything at once instead of one at a time
  • WINDOWS: Fixed ‘Remove Link’ and ‘Reveal in Timeline’ context menu options in Events tab in sync binder to work correctly
  • Added support for Ulysses maximum title length of 256 characters so that longer titles will not always show up as changes

Version 2.2.3

  • Fixed issue preventing AppStore and Setapp versions from syncing with Ulysses unless the version from our website was run first
  • Fixed potential crash importing certain CSV files
  • Added warning feedback when creating an entity via inspector with the same name as another entity
  • Fixed bug where tabbing out of Parent dropdown in Add Event window causes its value to change
  • Fixed display issue where very long unbroken text strings such as URLs may be cutoff instead of wrapping to a new line

Version 2.2.2

Version 2.2 contains an overhaul to syncing with writing projects as well as many other added features and bug fixes.

Scrivener and Ulysses Syncing

  • New ability to sync with Ulysses as well as Scrivener
  • New Status Popover shows Scrivener/Ulysses document metadata values inside Aeon Timeline, and allows you to view and select between changed values ahead of syncing
  • Ability to view and select individual preferred values when resolving conflicts
  • New Warnings tab highlights any documents in the Scrivener/Ulysses project needing special attention, such as conflicts, new documents, or documents linked with deleted events
  • New Events tab lists new unlinked events and events linked to deleted items in a convenient easy-to-find location
  • Projects can now be configured to sync only with text documents (and not folders, PDFs etc)
  • Linked Scrivener or Ulysses documents are now automatically added as external links in the Event Inspector
  • Entire sub-trees of your writing project can now be set to be ignored. All present documents underneath that folder, and any added in the future, will be ignored.
  • A newly added Sync menu gives you access to all syncing functionality.
  • A new Manage Projects window allows you to remove synced projects from the timeline.
  • New Create in Inbox function provides a quick shortcut to creating new documents from timeline events in a single location for you to sort through later.
  • New Filter text field allows you to reduce the visible documents in the sync binder to show only those matching the entered text.
  • Click on the intersection between event and entity to configure the relationship
  • Set your own icons for Entity Types and Roles
  • Binder now remembers the state of expanded and collapses nodes between launches
    Includes support for the latest and upcoming versions of Scrivener and Ulysses

Other New Features

  • Added option to display a line marking “Today” on the timeline
  • Added Date and Time format options to Timeline Settings (choose from
  • Short/Medium/Long dates, and 12-hour or 24-hour time)
  • Added ability to override date order (dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, or yyyy-mm-dd) in Preferences (Mac) / Options (Windows)
  • Added list property type that provides a list of valid values for a property
  • Added ability to remove all dependencies for selected events
  • Added touch-based scrolling for Relationship View
  • Events that are faded due to completion now use a desaturated version of the original colour instead of grey
  • Numeric timelines now allow entering decimal numbers for zoom limits so you can zoom in further
  • Added negative age display in Relationship View
  • Introduced new onboarding/tutorials from the Help menu
  • User manual now included in the downloaded app
  • Updated Windows installer

Bug fixes

  • Fixed many bugs related to printing files on Windows
  • Filters now work correctly for values with brackets or colons
  • Printing works correctly omit collapsed groups is selected
  • Events will no longer overlap expanded parents in certain layouts
  • Context bar no longer needs to the timeline to be scrolled to render correctly
  • Fixed bug calculating leap years for the last month in a fantasy calendar
  • Toolbar customization on Mac no longer resets on each launch
  • Syncing binder displays correctly at sizes other than 100%
  • Scrivener projects with non-ASCII characters in their filenames can now sync correctly
  • External links with non-ASCII characters now work
  • Fixed bug where some text could be slightly cutoff in timeline view
  • Adding events now works with a double click inside a parent
  • Fixed minor bugs in the calendar editor in Timeline Settings to prevent invalid combinations
  • Relationships can now be added to child events in Relationship View
  • Fixed bug where reordering entities in Relationship View does not always work
  • Fixed long delays opening Dependency popover in large timelines
  • Fixed potential hang that could occur when scrolling between eras
  • Converting from absolute to relative timelines now follows the zero date correctly
  • Setting a numeric property to be calculated no longer erases values incorrectly
  • Fixed issues resolving relative paths for external links on Mac
  • Fixed bug where inspector could attempt to open to zero width, making it invisible
  • Fixed bug where colours are overwritten if you add more than 15
  • Fixed issue exporting PDFs from hourly timelines
  • Modified filtering so parents are no long displayed in a Group if they don’t match their filter and have no relevant matching children for that group
  • Added missing font file to web export
  • Prevent user from creating an entity type with no roles
  • Changing an entity type to have start/end dates now takes immediate effect
  • Deleting an entity’s creation date now has immediate effect
  • Clearing the search bar now removes search highlighting on timeline
  • Improved behaviour of shift+click in Relationship View
  • Clicking in event area will no longer show relationship context menu when Relationship View is horizontally scrolled
  • Undo now works correctly for event dependencies
  • Search now functions correctly with active and inactive filter
  • Importing colours from CSV file works correctly
  • Scrivener projects now open when the internal .scrivx filename does not match the outer .scriv filename
  • Fixed dragging events into parents with Ctrl-click on Windows
  • Revealing events from sync binder will now expand parents if required

Version 2.1.3

  • Ready for MacOS Sierra 10.12
  • More consistent date range formats (including time components), and better observation of date precision (1 Aug 2016 will no longer round to Aug 2016)
  • Fixed bug applying entity creation offsets from start or end of event
  • Protected against crash dragging events between lanes
  • Fixed crash when creating a custom calendar with a single month
  • Fixed bug in custom calendar interface where collapsing and expanding groups can display old values
  • Fixed crash when importing from some CSV files where end date is last column and sometimes absent
  • Added ability to type million/billion into the date picker when entering a date (still converts to full value afterwards at present)
  • Protected against crash dragging events between lanes
  • Time now displayed if relevant when dragging events to a new date
  • Fixed issue in Scrivener syncing where file can become corrupted if an entity is added to the wrong metadata field within Scrivener itself (e.g. if entering a person’s name into the arc field)
  • Aeon Timeline can now successfully open timelines corrupted by above bug
  • Fixed bug where system date formats including dashes (dd-mm-yyyy) were not read correctly when typed into date picker
  • Scrivener syncing: Prevent yes/no properties from syncing with Scrivener Label or Status
  • Fixed bugs where tag list in Filter bar may not populate correctly for timelines originally imported from version 1
  • Fixed potential hang caused by creating impossible dependency loops with parents/predecessors

Version 2.1.2

  • Added drag and drop handling of events in Relationship View to mirror Timeline View functionality, including:
    • Dragging events between groups
    • Dragging events within groups to re-order them (events are placed at a date halfway between the two events it is dropping between)
    • Measure distance between events by holding down Alt+Shift while dragging
    • Move event into/out of parent by holding Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) while dragging
    • Full compatibility with Scrivener Syncing functionality (dragging events/documents in and out of the binder)
    • View automatically scrolls to selected event when switching between Timeline View and Relationship View
  • Added keyboard support for Home, End, Page Down and Page Up keys to scroll vertically in both views
  • Restored behavior to measure distance between events using Alt + Shift and mouse.
  • Fixed bug where Manage Entities window may not open for certain timelines.
  • WINDOWS: Fixed bug where external links to online URLs would not open.
  • WINDOWS: Fixed bug where support URL would not open.
  • Fixed very rare hang caused by opening a corrupted timeline file.
  • Fixed crash caused by certain rare date calculations in Fantasy Calendars.

Version 2.1.1

Not officially released.

Version 2.1.0

After plenty of feedback and discussion, we are pleased to introduce a redesigned Relationship View into Aeon Timeline 2.

The new design focuses on the Relationship View’s’ core functionality, displaying a snapshot of the relationships between large groups of entities and events in a clutter-free more visually appealing user interface.

Some features included in the new Relationship View:

  • Relationship View is vertical to optimise available space, with events represented in rows down the left hand side, and entities in columns along the top
  • View the current role and entity age for each relationship
  • Click on the intersection between event and entity to configure the relationship
  • Set your own icons for Entity Types and Roles
  • As with the Timeline View, you can view all events together or group events by type
  • Select which entities you wish to include in the view and rearrange their order
  • Sort entities by name, first appearance, and number of appearances
  • Optionally show the time offsets between each event
  • Optionally show nested parent/child events in a tree or flatten them into a single chronological list.
  • Filtering and bookmarks work the same as in Timeline View.

Other improvements in version 2.1.0

  • Added optional ‘NOT’ in filters to reverse their effect (e.g. “NOT Color: Green”)
  • Added options in Timeline Menu to sort entities by name, age, first appearance, or frequency
  • WINDOWS: Fixed problem opening externally linked files in Windows Explorer or external applications
  • Fixed potential crash closing timeline after deleting an entity
  • Fixed printing at different font scales to go to bottom of entire timeline
  • Fixed bug occurring when renaming an Entity Type
  • Fixed crash if accidentally dragging an event to be a parent of itself
  • Fixed bug occurring when renaming an Entity Type
  • Scrivener Syncing: Fixed bug where Scrivener documents of type ‘Other’ were changed to type ‘Text’
  • Fixed display bug when exporting or printing very wide event markers
  • Fixed potential crash when closing a timeline
  • Fixed display bug in Timeline Settings where too many roles for an entity type could run off the page

Version 2.0.8

  • Fixed bug that prevented Manage Entities modal from opening for timelines where Arc entity type is set to allow start/end dates.
  • Printing: Fixed bug with Mac printing that could cut off some text from the bottom of the timeline
  • Printing: Printing multiple times with a size other than 100% no longer shrinks/grows the print size each time you print
  • Image Export: Fixed bug where image export on Windows was not sized correctly for sizes other than 100%
  • Image Export: Prevent Windows app from attempting to export image files larger than it can handle (only PDF possible above a certain size)
  • CSV Import: Protects against attempting to create multiple entities with the same name.
  • CSV Import: Automatically trims leading or trailing whitespace from external link paths.
  • Multi-line text elements now show correct label in Display Settings modal (previously all showed ‘summary’)
  • Fixed bug where duration was not correctly calculated in Add Event modal and Inspector when the end date differs by less than an hour from the start
  • Fixed display bug with event markers for sizes less than 100%.
  • Fixed bug where turning off event dates in minimal space layout did not reduce the space allocated for each event.
  • Fixed order of “Select Previous/Next” to iterate through parent and child events in a sensible order

Version 2.0.7

  • Windows: Added ability to export timelines to PDF files as well as images.
  • Printing: Fixed low-DPI issues when printing on both Mac and Windows.
  • Printing/Exporting: Fixed bug where ‘Entire Timeline’ may cut the right-edge short
  • Windows: Worked around a Scrivener bug that could inadvertently erase sync data for some older Scrivener projects
  • Web and image export now use correct zoom and scroll settings always (not just after a save and reopen)
  • Mac: Fixed bug where clicking on an external link opened the link directly in the current window
  • Fixed CSV import to ignore valid UTF-8 control characters rather than rejecting the file.
  • Added confirmation window when deleting an entity.
  • Inspector and Sync Binder widths are now restored for each timeline file.
  • Fixed display bug in calendar popover that would not show all dates for custom calendars with long weekdays
  • Calendar popover now truncates long month names to fit in available space
  • Fixed drag indicator in Display Settings window
  • Windows: When exporting a tab-delimited file, restrict user to choosing between txt and tsv extensions (Excel does not respond well to tab-delimited files with a CSV extension)
  • Mac: Added tsv as a possible file extension for import/export
  • Windows: Stopped creation of debug.log files.
  • Fixed bug where event IDs didn’t update properly when adding and removing events
  • Fixed bug where CSV export used the wrong event ID
  • Fixed possible crash caused if user setup complex dependency loop involving grandparents
  • Fixed font rendering issue for Windows users with Helvetica Neue installed
  • Edit Calendar modal automatically selects first item when expanding a group
  • Added more error information when license activation fails

Version 2.0.6

Not officially released. Test versions built for specific customers only.

Version 2.0.5

  • Fixed overzealous validation of date picker that started rejecting year-only dates.
  • Fixed display bug in Edit Calendar dialog that hid latter months and weekday names for text sizes above 100%.
  • Fixed bug in Find and Replace where it would replace only the first item in a text string.
  • Fixed bug where characters such as question marks (?) would not highlight correctly when searching.
  • Fixed bug when copying and pasting events between two relative timelines that may position them incorrectly.
  • Automatically detects invalid UTF-8 characters in a timeline file and replaces them with  so that file can correctly load.
  • Importing detects invalid UTF-8 files and displays an error message rather than attempting to import the data anyway.

Version 2.0.4

  • No longer display final era name (e.g. AD) in dates in timeline.
  • Search will expand parent events if required to show matching child.
  • Clicking on event title in dependencies list (Range tab in Inspector) will expand parent to reveal child if required.
  • Exporting and printing will now retain expanded parents and event details correctly for all groups (previously failed on ‘All Events’).
  • Mac: PDF export will now render a correct background colour (image backgrounds do not render in PDF export, only image exports).
  • Web Export: added missing settings icon when exporting from Mac, and disabled variants of buttons for both
  • No longer draws dependency lines attached to hidden child events.
  • Fixed sync issues between date picker and calendar when end date picker has a time component.
  • Incrementing/decrementing dates will now cycle correctly when pressing up and down arrows.
  • Fixed date picker display and interpretation of typed end dates with text including 24:00.
  • Relative timeline styles will no longer automatically calculate durations in months or years
  • Weekly Timeline Styles: Will no longer render a date range such as “Wednesday – Wednesday Week 1”.
  • Weekly Timeline Styles: pressing up/down to increment day names now works correctly.
  • Hourly Timeline Styles: Added negative sign for times between 0 and -1 hour.
  • Changing an end date to before a start date will now set the duration to 0.
  • Added extra validation to calendar names (months, eras, weekdays) to prevent special characters from the following list: – [ \ ] { } ( ) * + ? . , \ ^ $ | #
  • Fixed crash that occurs when using calendars with names featuring an above character
  • Mac: Fixed crash when hitting Undo when inspector has focus, if the undo will cause the event to be removed.
  • Fixed potential crash when deleting tags from version 1 timelines.
  • Fixed crash caused by creating a dependency loop involving parent and child events, and removes such a dependency loop if detected on loading existing timelines
  • Fixed crash caused by typing invalid (non-numeric) min and max scale values for Numeric Timelines in Timeline Settings

Version 2.0.3

  • Fixed potential interface hang or no event display when using the “Cascade” layout option.
  • Scrivener Syncing: Improved handling when metadata fields are removed from a Scrivener project behind Aeon Timeline’s back.
  • Windows: Fixed potential crash when opening external link by clicking on list within expanded event display.
  • External Links: Query strings within external links are now preserved correctly.
  • External Links: Added support for app-specific protocols for Mac (allowing you to link directly to a Scrivener file).
  • Mac Image Export: Fixed crash in export image for relative timeline styles when clicking on Specify Date Range.
  • Mac: In Mavericks and earlier, fixed rendering of dropdown menus when adding entities from Add Event window.
  • Mac: Updated minimum OS level to Mac OS X 10.8.
  • Windows: Fixed issue where Recent Files list will not show if certain characters such as apostrophes exist in the filename.
  • Windows: Made default toolbar icon color darker, and added a lighter variant for disabled buttons.
  • Windows: Update window is now resizeable.