Version 2.2.3

  • Fixed issue preventing AppStore and Setapp versions from syncing with Ulysses unless the version from our website was run first
  • Fixed potential crash importing certain CSV files
  • Added warning feedback when creating an entity via inspector with the same name as another entity
  • Fixed bug where tabbing out of Parent dropdown in Add Event window causes its value to change
  • Fixed display issue where very long unbroken text strings such as URLs may be cutoff instead of wrapping to a new line

Version 2.2.2

Version 2.2 contains an overhaul to syncing with writing projects as well as many other added features and bug fixes.

Scrivener and Ulysses Syncing

  • New ability to sync with Ulysses as well as Scrivener
  • New Status Popover shows Scrivener/Ulysses document metadata values inside Aeon Timeline, and allows you to view and select between changed values ahead of syncing
  • Ability to view and select individual preferred values when resolving conflicts
  • New Warnings tab highlights any documents in the Scrivener/Ulysses project needing special attention, such as conflicts, new documents, or documents linked with deleted events
  • New Events tab lists new unlinked events and events linked to deleted items in a convenient easy-to-find location
  • Projects can now be configured to sync only with text documents (and not folders, PDFs etc)
  • Linked Scrivener or Ulysses documents are now automatically added as external links in the Event Inspector
  • Entire sub-trees of your writing project can now be set to be ignored. All present documents underneath that folder, and any added in the future, will be ignored.
  • A newly added Sync menu gives you access to all syncing functionality.
  • A new Manage Projects window allows you to remove synced projects from the timeline.
  • New Create in Inbox function provides a quick shortcut to creating new documents from timeline events in a single location for you to sort through later.
  • New Filter text field allows you to reduce the visible documents in the sync binder to show only those matching the entered text.
  • Click on the intersection between event and entity to configure the relationship
  • Set your own icons for Entity Types and Roles
  • Binder now remembers the state of expanded and collapses nodes between launches
    Includes support for the latest and upcoming versions of Scrivener and Ulysses

Other New Features

  • Added option to display a line marking “Today” on the timeline
  • Added Date and Time format options to Timeline Settings (choose from
  • Short/Medium/Long dates, and 12-hour or 24-hour time)
  • Added ability to override date order (dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, or yyyy-mm-dd) in Preferences (Mac) / Options (Windows)
  • Added list property type that provides a list of valid values for a property
  • Added ability to remove all dependencies for selected events
  • Added touch-based scrolling for Relationship View
  • Events that are faded due to completion now use a desaturated version of the original colour instead of grey
  • Numeric timelines now allow entering decimal numbers for zoom limits so you can zoom in further
  • Added negative age display in Relationship View
  • Introduced new onboarding/tutorials from the Help menu
  • User manual now included in the downloaded app
  • Updated Windows installer

Bug fixes

  • Fixed many bugs related to printing files on Windows
  • Filters now work correctly for values with brackets or colons
  • Printing works correctly omit collapsed groups is selected
  • Events will no longer overlap expanded parents in certain layouts
  • Context bar no longer needs to the timeline to be scrolled to render correctly
  • Fixed bug calculating leap years for the last month in a fantasy calendar
  • Toolbar customization on Mac no longer resets on each launch
  • Syncing binder displays correctly at sizes other than 100%
  • Scrivener projects with non-ASCII characters in their filenames can now sync correctly
  • External links with non-ASCII characters now work
  • Fixed bug where some text could be slightly cutoff in timeline view
  • Adding events now works with a double click inside a parent
  • Fixed minor bugs in the calendar editor in Timeline Settings to prevent invalid combinations
  • Relationships can now be added to child events in Relationship View
  • Fixed bug where reordering entities in Relationship View does not always work
  • Fixed long delays opening Dependency popover in large timelines
  • Fixed potential hang that could occur when scrolling between eras
  • Converting from absolute to relative timelines now follows the zero date correctly
  • Setting a numeric property to be calculated no longer erases values incorrectly
  • Fixed issues resolving relative paths for external links on Mac
  • Fixed bug where inspector could attempt to open to zero width, making it invisible
  • Fixed bug where colours are overwritten if you add more than 15
  • Fixed issue exporting PDFs from hourly timelines
  • Modified filtering so parents are no long displayed in a Group if they don’t match their filter and have no relevant matching children for that group
  • Added missing font file to web export
  • Prevent user from creating an entity type with no roles
  • Changing an entity type to have start/end dates now takes immediate effect
  • Deleting an entity’s creation date now has immediate effect
  • Clearing the search bar now removes search highlighting on timeline
  • Improved behaviour of shift+click in Relationship View
  • Clicking in event area will no longer show relationship context menu when Relationship View is horizontally scrolled
  • Undo now works correctly for event dependencies
  • Search now functions correctly with active and inactive filter
  • Importing colours from CSV file works correctly
  • Scrivener projects now open when the internal .scrivx filename does not match the outer .scriv filename
  • Fixed dragging events into parents with Ctrl-click on Windows
  • Revealing events from sync binder will now expand parents if required

Version 2.1.3

  • Ready for MacOS Sierra 10.12
  • More consistent date range formats (including time components), and better observation of date precision (1 Aug 2016 will no longer round to Aug 2016)
  • Fixed bug applying entity creation offsets from start or end of event
  • Protected against crash dragging events between lanes
  • Fixed crash when creating a custom calendar with a single month
  • Fixed bug in custom calendar interface where collapsing and expanding groups can display old values
  • Fixed crash when importing from some CSV files where end date is last column and sometimes absent
  • Added ability to type million/billion into the date picker when entering a date (still converts to full value afterwards at present)
  • Protected against crash dragging events between lanes
  • Time now displayed if relevant when dragging events to a new date
  • Fixed issue in Scrivener syncing where file can become corrupted if an entity is added to the wrong metadata field within Scrivener itself (e.g. if entering a person’s name into the arc field)
  • Aeon Timeline can now successfully open timelines corrupted by above bug
  • Fixed bug where system date formats including dashes (dd-mm-yyyy) were not read correctly when typed into date picker
  • Scrivener syncing: Prevent yes/no properties from syncing with Scrivener Label or Status
  • Fixed bugs where tag list in Filter bar may not populate correctly for timelines originally imported from version 1
  • Fixed potential hang caused by creating impossible dependency loops with parents/predecessors

Version 2.1.2

  • Added drag and drop handling of events in Relationship View to mirror Timeline View functionality, including:
    • Dragging events between groups
    • Dragging events within groups to re-order them (events are placed at a date halfway between the two events it is dropping between)
    • Measure distance between events by holding down Alt+Shift while dragging
    • Move event into/out of parent by holding Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) while dragging
    • Full compatibility with Scrivener Syncing functionality (dragging events/documents in and out of the binder)
    • View automatically scrolls to selected event when switching between Timeline View and Relationship View
  • Added keyboard support for Home, End, Page Down and Page Up keys to scroll vertically in both views
  • Restored behavior to measure distance between events using Alt + Shift and mouse.
  • Fixed bug where Manage Entities window may not open for certain timelines.
  • WINDOWS: Fixed bug where external links to online URLs would not open.
  • WINDOWS: Fixed bug where support URL would not open.
  • Fixed very rare hang caused by opening a corrupted timeline file.
  • Fixed crash caused by certain rare date calculations in Fantasy Calendars.

Version 2.1.1

Not officially released.

Version 2.1.0

After plenty of feedback and discussion, we are pleased to introduce a redesigned Relationship View into Aeon Timeline 2.

The new design focuses on the Relationship View’s’ core functionality, displaying a snapshot of the relationships between large groups of entities and events in a clutter-free more visually appealing user interface.

Some features included in the new Relationship View:

  • Relationship View is vertical to optimise available space, with events represented in rows down the left hand side, and entities in columns along the top
  • View the current role and entity age for each relationship
  • Click on the intersection between event and entity to configure the relationship
  • Set your own icons for Entity Types and Roles
  • As with the Timeline View, you can view all events together or group events by type
  • Select which entities you wish to include in the view and rearrange their order
  • Sort entities by name, first appearance, and number of appearances
  • Optionally show the time offsets between each event
  • Optionally show nested parent/child events in a tree or flatten them into a single chronological list.
  • Filtering and bookmarks work the same as in Timeline View.

Other improvements in version 2.1.0

  • Added optional ‘NOT’ in filters to reverse their effect (e.g. “NOT Color: Green”)
  • Added options in Timeline Menu to sort entities by name, age, first appearance, or frequency
  • WINDOWS: Fixed problem opening externally linked files in Windows Explorer or external applications
  • Fixed potential crash closing timeline after deleting an entity
  • Fixed printing at different font scales to go to bottom of entire timeline
  • Fixed bug occurring when renaming an Entity Type
  • Fixed crash if accidentally dragging an event to be a parent of itself
  • Fixed bug occurring when renaming an Entity Type
  • Scrivener Syncing: Fixed bug where Scrivener documents of type ‘Other’ were changed to type ‘Text’
  • Fixed display bug when exporting or printing very wide event markers
  • Fixed potential crash when closing a timeline
  • Fixed display bug in Timeline Settings where too many roles for an entity type could run off the page

Version 2.0.8

  • Fixed bug that prevented Manage Entities modal from opening for timelines where Arc entity type is set to allow start/end dates.
  • Printing: Fixed bug with Mac printing that could cut off some text from the bottom of the timeline
  • Printing: Printing multiple times with a size other than 100% no longer shrinks/grows the print size each time you print
  • Image Export: Fixed bug where image export on Windows was not sized correctly for sizes other than 100%
  • Image Export: Prevent Windows app from attempting to export image files larger than it can handle (only PDF possible above a certain size)
  • CSV Import: Protects against attempting to create multiple entities with the same name.
  • CSV Import: Automatically trims leading or trailing whitespace from external link paths.
  • Multi-line text elements now show correct label in Display Settings modal (previously all showed ‘summary’)
  • Fixed bug where duration was not correctly calculated in Add Event modal and Inspector when the end date differs by less than an hour from the start
  • Fixed display bug with event markers for sizes less than 100%.
  • Fixed bug where turning off event dates in minimal space layout did not reduce the space allocated for each event.
  • Fixed order of “Select Previous/Next” to iterate through parent and child events in a sensible order

Version 2.0.7

  • Windows: Added ability to export timelines to PDF files as well as images.
  • Printing: Fixed low-DPI issues when printing on both Mac and Windows.
  • Printing/Exporting: Fixed bug where ‘Entire Timeline’ may cut the right-edge short
  • Windows: Worked around a Scrivener bug that could inadvertently erase sync data for some older Scrivener projects
  • Web and image export now use correct zoom and scroll settings always (not just after a save and reopen)
  • Mac: Fixed bug where clicking on an external link opened the link directly in the current window
  • Fixed CSV import to ignore valid UTF-8 control characters rather than rejecting the file.
  • Added confirmation window when deleting an entity.
  • Inspector and Sync Binder widths are now restored for each timeline file.
  • Fixed display bug in calendar popover that would not show all dates for custom calendars with long weekdays
  • Calendar popover now truncates long month names to fit in available space
  • Fixed drag indicator in Display Settings window
  • Windows: When exporting a tab-delimited file, restrict user to choosing between txt and tsv extensions (Excel does not respond well to tab-delimited files with a CSV extension)
  • Mac: Added tsv as a possible file extension for import/export
  • Windows: Stopped creation of debug.log files.
  • Fixed bug where event IDs didn’t update properly when adding and removing events
  • Fixed bug where CSV export used the wrong event ID
  • Fixed possible crash caused if user setup complex dependency loop involving grandparents
  • Fixed font rendering issue for Windows users with Helvetica Neue installed
  • Edit Calendar modal automatically selects first item when expanding a group
  • Added more error information when license activation fails

Version 2.0.6

Not officially released. Test versions built for specific customers only.

Version 2.0.5

  • Fixed overzealous validation of date picker that started rejecting year-only dates.
  • Fixed display bug in Edit Calendar dialog that hid latter months and weekday names for text sizes above 100%.
  • Fixed bug in Find and Replace where it would replace only the first item in a text string.
  • Fixed bug where characters such as question marks (?) would not highlight correctly when searching.
  • Fixed bug when copying and pasting events between two relative timelines that may position them incorrectly.
  • Automatically detects invalid UTF-8 characters in a timeline file and replaces them with  so that file can correctly load.
  • Importing detects invalid UTF-8 files and displays an error message rather than attempting to import the data anyway.

Version 2.0.4

  • No longer display final era name (e.g. AD) in dates in timeline.
  • Search will expand parent events if required to show matching child.
  • Clicking on event title in dependencies list (Range tab in Inspector) will expand parent to reveal child if required.
  • Exporting and printing will now retain expanded parents and event details correctly for all groups (previously failed on ‘All Events’).
  • Mac: PDF export will now render a correct background colour (image backgrounds do not render in PDF export, only image exports).
  • Web Export: added missing settings icon when exporting from Mac, and disabled variants of buttons for both
  • No longer draws dependency lines attached to hidden child events.
  • Fixed sync issues between date picker and calendar when end date picker has a time component.
  • Incrementing/decrementing dates will now cycle correctly when pressing up and down arrows.
  • Fixed date picker display and interpretation of typed end dates with text including 24:00.
  • Relative timeline styles will no longer automatically calculate durations in months or years
  • Weekly Timeline Styles: Will no longer render a date range such as “Wednesday – Wednesday Week 1”.
  • Weekly Timeline Styles: pressing up/down to increment day names now works correctly.
  • Hourly Timeline Styles: Added negative sign for times between 0 and -1 hour.
  • Changing an end date to before a start date will now set the duration to 0.
  • Added extra validation to calendar names (months, eras, weekdays) to prevent special characters from the following list: – [ \ ] { } ( ) * + ? . , \ ^ $ | #
  • Fixed crash that occurs when using calendars with names featuring an above character
  • Mac: Fixed crash when hitting Undo when inspector has focus, if the undo will cause the event to be removed.
  • Fixed potential crash when deleting tags from version 1 timelines.
  • Fixed crash caused by creating a dependency loop involving parent and child events, and removes such a dependency loop if detected on loading existing timelines
  • Fixed crash caused by typing invalid (non-numeric) min and max scale values for Numeric Timelines in Timeline Settings

Version 2.0.3

  • Fixed potential interface hang or no event display when using the “Cascade” layout option.
  • Scrivener Syncing: Improved handling when metadata fields are removed from a Scrivener project behind Aeon Timeline’s back.
  • Windows: Fixed potential crash when opening external link by clicking on list within expanded event display.
  • External Links: Query strings within external links are now preserved correctly.
  • External Links: Added support for app-specific protocols for Mac (allowing you to link directly to a Scrivener file).
  • Mac Image Export: Fixed crash in export image for relative timeline styles when clicking on Specify Date Range.
  • Mac: In Mavericks and earlier, fixed rendering of dropdown menus when adding entities from Add Event window.
  • Mac: Updated minimum OS level to Mac OS X 10.8.
  • Windows: Fixed issue where Recent Files list will not show if certain characters such as apostrophes exist in the filename.
  • Windows: Made default toolbar icon color darker, and added a lighter variant for disabled buttons.
  • Windows: Update window is now resizeable.