Relationship View is back

You asked, we listened. Relationship View is back in Aeon Timeline 2.1.

Well, sort of… we didn’t bring back the tangled mess of lines, the inefficient use of space, and the awkward conflicts of a view trying to be two things at once.

The new Relationship View has been redesigned around the single goal you demanded: showcasing relationships between events and a large cast of characters, story arcs, projects, or employees.

Relationship View
You can learn more about the new Relationship View by visiting support page.

[Update: You can also watch our video or walkthrough]

Note: Aeon Timeline 2.1 is a free upgrade for current Version 2 users, which brings us to…

SummerFest Discount: 25% off

If you have been waiting to upgrade to version 2, now is the time to do it. Pick up a 25% discount on Aeon Timeline 2 via our SummerFest* promotion.

[Update: SummerFest is over for 2016]

Every year we get together with other developers for our festival of artisanal software: a celebration of indie developers, the onset of warmer weather for our northern hemisphere* friends, and most importantly, great writing, research and project software:

  • Aeon Timeline 2
  • Scrivener and Scapple
  • Tinderbox and Storyspace
  • Taskpaper
  • Nisus Writer Pro
  • DEVONthink Pro Office
  • Bookends
  • Take Control Books
  • BBEdit
  • TextExpander
  • PDFpen
  • WriteRoom
  • HoudahSpot

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* My endless lobbying to brand our June event as “WinterFest for Aussies” is yet to catch on within the group.