AppStore and Survey

It has been a busy year for us with the development and release of Aeon Timeline 2, but we are now refreshed and looking ahead to the next challenge.

Many of the additions to version 2 came from user suggestions, and we have since collected a further 150 feature ideas since our April launch. So we can work on the things you want the most, I would love it if you could vote on your favourites.

What should we do next?

Don’t panic – we only want you to vote on the bigger items. I promise it will only take you 2-3 minutes, you probably won’t have to type anything, and the results will play a huge role in where Aeon Timeline heads in the next 12 months.

I will publish the results after the responses roll in.

[Update: Voting is now closed. Click here to see the results.]

Mac App Store Update

It has taken longer than we planned, but Aeon Timeline 2 is at last available on the Mac App Store: all of the features of Aeon Timeline 2 you have been waiting for, neatly wrapped up in Apple’s sandbox and ready to talk to your iCloud.

AppStore Launch Discount

Since Apple doesn’t allow traditional upgrade pricing via the AppStore, we have to find other ways to let our existing users upgrade to the latest version 2 goodness.

Therefore, for one week only, we have dropped our price on the App Store by a 30% launch discount. Because of the way the App Store works, this pricing applies for everyone, so feel free to spread the word.

So grab your App Store upgrade now before we revert to our regular price of $US50.

[Update: Launch discount has now closed]

Recent Purchasers

If you have purchased Aeon Timeline on the Mac AppStore in the last six months, email a copy of your Mac AppStore receipt and we will send you a free upgrade to version 2.

If your email program supports it, we have already composed the email for you if you click the link above. Just remember to attach your purchase receipt so we can verify your original purchase.

Unfortunately, Apple’s policies don’t allow us to provide free upgrades via the AppStore, so we can only provide you with a license to our direct download version.