User Survey Results

2016 has been a successful year for us with the launch of Aeon Timeline 2, so I want to thank every one of our users who have supported us and driven our development effort forward. As you can see below, there is plenty more to come in 2017!

In October, we surveyed our users to find out what you wanted from us next.

A few highlights that we took away from the survey include:

  • Fiction (71%) is still a key demographic, but increased flexibility has opened new use cases (60% use Aeon for something else at least some of the time).
  • An iOS application is very much in demand
  • The most in-demand new features include hierarchical timelines, calendar views, warnings and constraints systems, and more control over the vertical placement of events.

So, we have our marching orders for 2017. Some improvements to Scrivener syncing will be coming early in the new year, and we are already working with an iOS team to redesign Aeon Timeline for an iPad. Alongside that, we will get stuck into the new feature requests.

The results of the full survey are summarised in our infographic below:

Aeon Timeline 2016 Survey Results
Aeon Timeline 2016 Survey Results