Ulysses and Aeon Timeline




As much as we hope you love planning a novel in Aeon Timeline, we know that planning only forms one part of your writing journey, and so we want to ensure your timeline stays relevant throughout the writing process. One of the best ways to achieve this is by syncing with your favourite writing software, and so today we want to introduce you to the latest member of our syncing family: Ulysses.

Ulysses keeps you focused as you write

For many of our users, Ulysses may not need a lot of introduction: from its beginnings as one of the earliest writer-focused applications to its latest design that won an Apple Design Award in 2016, it has long been a part of the Mac writer’s landscape.

For those more familiar with Scrivener, Ulysses’ minimalist design may seem either spartan or beautiful depending on your own ideals. This design aesthetic comes from the development team’s desire to keep you focused on writing and not the myriad of other distractions competing for your attention.

Ulysses User Interface

This approach applies to everything from their clutter-free visual design (where each element can tuck itself away until only your full screen text remains), to their choice of Markdown in the text editor (to keep you from fiddling with fonts and formatting), and their unified library that keeps everything together rather than scattered throughout your hard drive.

But Ulysses is much more than just a distraction-free text editor. Despite its minimalist design, Ulysses still has plenty of advanced features — they just stay out of your way until you need them.

Stay Organised

  • Unified library that keeps all your writing in one location, and accessible on every device via iCloud
  • Nested groups and subgroups (folders) to organise your sheets (documents) within your library
  • Smart filters to let you sort and filter your documents to show only what you need
  • Add sheet attachments including keywords and notes to record additional information

Stay Focused

  • Set writing goals including word and character targets and limits
  • Distraction-free writing modes including full-screen text views, typewriter scrolling, and dark and light themes

Get Published

  • Versatile exporting to PDF, DOCX, eBook
  • Direct publishing to WordPress and Medium.

Syncing gives your writing a sense of purpose…

Aeon Timeline hooks into these notes and keywords when syncing with Ulysses.

Ulysses’ library of groups and subgroups encourages you to divide your novels into smaller components, with each scene represented as a single sheet (document). Within Ulysses, this allows you to shuffle and re-order content as you write and edit your novel, but it also provides a useful parallel with Aeon Timeline, where such scenes are captured as individual events on the timeline.

Syncing between your timeline and Ulysses library lets you directly link these sheets and events, and keep both of them up to date as you work. When syncing, Aeon Timeline adds notes to your Ulysses sheets with event details such as dates, characters, locations and notes. This puts context-relevant information directly inside Ulysses’ environment as you write, helping you stay focused without needing to switch back and forth between applications to check particular details of your plan.


And when those details become outdated as you write the scene (because who sticks to a plan for that long?), you can update the notes without ever leaving your pristine writing environment, and sync the changes back to Aeon Timeline the next time you take a break.

Learn more about syncing…

We have put together this video which provides an introduction to get you started syncing with your next writing project:


If you prefer to keep the noise down or move through the tutorial at your own pace, you can also walkthrough the same tutorial in image and text form (also available via the Help menu inside Aeon Timeline).

Where to find Ulysses

Ulysses is available on the Mac App Store for $44.99, and on the iOS store for $24.99 (note that you need the Mac version of Ulysses in order to sync with Aeon Timeline). If you like to try before you buy, you can download a free time-limited trial from the Ulysses website to give their interface a spin.

To celebrate the new integration, we are giving away 3 Ulysses for Mac licenses. For your chance to win one of the licenses, follow these 2 simple steps:

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  2. Re-tweet this link to our blog post by Thursday 20 July 2017.

[Update: The three winners of our Ulysses for Mac raffle are:

  • @Catherine_Chant
  • @cedorsett
  • @coffeemonk

We will be in touch shortly to allow you to claim your prize.]