Aeon Timeline 2 is flexible to your needs, with pre-configured and customizable templates, fantasy calendars, and multiple display options.

Pre-configured Templates

Aeon Timeline 2 uses editable templates to give you complete flexibility in tracking the data you want to track.  You can choose from a number of pre-configured standard templates as a starting point for your new timeline, depending on your intended use.

Don’t panic, you can edit your chosen template any time!

Edit and Customize

Open Timeline Settings to edit the template associated with your timeline. You can add or remove different Entity Types (people, places, projects, story arcs, whatever you want…) and  any fields appropriate for your particular needs.

Editing your timeline won’t affect the original template, so change it as much as you want. And if you want to use your new Timeline Settings for all your new timelines, you can save a Custom Template configured exactly the way you want.

Timeline Styles

Choose from a number of timeline styles, including standard date/time format, relative formats including weekly (Monday Week 1, Tuesday Week 2), daily (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3), and time-only formats (-1:30:00, +2:35:25).

You can also create numeric “timelines” with numbers along the x-axis instead of times.

Custom/Fantasy Calendars

Create your own Custom Calendars, defining the weekdays, months, eras, and day-lengths for your own Fantasy World, or to re-create historical calendars such as the Julian Calendar.

Display Settings

Display Settings allows you to customise the look and feel of your timeline, and control which information is presented on the screen.

Select from multiple skins to suit your mood, change the method used to layout your events, and edit the information that is displayed when you expand a given timeline event.