Aeon Timeline 2 has the tools to help keep you focused on what matters while retaining broader context when required.

Nested Events

Aeon Timeline 2 allows you to nest child events inside parent events so you can break down a task into a number of smaller tasks, or group many related events into a single parent.

When you zoom in, you can choose to expand your parent events to see the individual child events. As you zoom out, expanded parents will automatically collapse, allowing you to see the parent event within the broader context without cluttering your timeline with a lot of unnecessary detail for that zoom level.

Events can be nested many levels deep, allowing you to zoom from a War to a Battle to the timing of events within that battle without affecting your ability to view the overall context when required.

Collapsing Groups

Aeon Timeline 2 allows you to divide events into groups based on their relationships with particular Entities (e.g. grouping events by Person or Project or Story Arc). If you are only interested in one particular group, you can collapse the other groups by clicking on the arrow next to the group name, or use the keyboard shortcut to collapse or expand all groups.

Collapsed groups still indicate the position of any events within that group so that you don’t miss something important as you scroll around your timeline.

Note: Collapsed groups are a feature of the Desktop app. On iOS, you view one group at a time, so there are no other groups to collapse.


As your timeline gets more cluttered and complex, it can be useful to reduce the visible events down to ones you are interested in at the time. Aeon Timeline 2 contains a very powerful and flexible filtering system, allowing you to filter events based on their dates and durations, tags, individual properties, and their relationships with entities such as people, projects or story arcs.

Multiple filter elements can be combined together using AND or OR to create complex filters, which can be saved and reloaded to give you quick access to any common filter you wish to create.

Show Details

Click on the green arrow next to any event to show more details about that event. You can configure the information visible when expanding an event via Display Settings, allowing you to view notes, relationships, properties tags, lists of files or embedded images directly on the timeline.

Note: On iOS, inline expansion of events is not appropriate on the smaller screens. Instead, tap on the event and all of the information for that event will be shown in an overlay inspector.