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Sun, 25 Jun 2017 18:45:43 GMT

I would like to create several timelines for my major characters and then be able to have them coordinate with the main novel timeline. IS this possible now or could it be incorporated in some future version? Also, one post points out coordinating different calendar structures. My novel occurs on different planets thus each setting has different lengths for years and days. I also have the different planets developing their local calendars based on their own unique histories and local civilizations. This, I recognize, can be a programming nightmare since our earth-bound computers use one standard. Perhaps a place in each planet's calendar setup that relates an hour earth time (for the computer to use) to an arbitrarily named but similar time unit with further units defined for the planetary setting by the author/Aeon software user could be constructed. This would allow, for example, someone who wanted to match 21st cent. calendars to ancient Aztec calendars the to ols they would need to accomplish this. Just a suggestion for consideration. Request at the top of this message is what would be helpful to me right now. Thanks for the hard work. John

Mon, 26 Jun 2017 00:13:17 GMT

Hi, In terms of your first request, we do not support multiple timeline files that interact with one another, but you might be able to use groups and filters to achieve what you want in one timeline file. If you create an entity type which is used to represent the multiple timelines you want to create , and then create an entity for each of these multiple timelines (eg. one for each major character and one for "main novel timeline"). Then you can assign each event what timeline it belongs to (under the Roles tab in the inspector) and then use the "Group By" function (the 3 horizontal bars icon) to group the events by these different timelines. This will divide the events in the vertical space according to each group, so you can compare how one major character's timeline correlates with the main novel timeline. If you want more information about entities and grouping you can read it here: Here is a more in depth looking at adding entity types and new entities: and You could also use filters to only display certain events depending on what timeline they appear in. You can read about filters here: In terms of your second request to support multiple calendar systems, that is something that has been requested before, and we included it in our development survey earlier this year. From the responses it turned out to be a rather a niche request, so it isn't high priority, but we do have it on our list of things to add in the future. Jess