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Custom Month Entry and Starting Day Entry

Mon, 16 May 2016 04:03:08 GMT

Perhaps intentional from a program point of view, but I could not enter a "month" name as "Local Holiday 1", but had to instead enter it as "Local Holiday1". Also noticed after several tries that a spelling checker was being applied to custom month names upon initial entry, and I had to click the "x" to prevent the spell checker from changing the custom name...that should be mentioned in the instructions. Finally, it would be convenient to have a choice of the date for aligning the days of the week. In my case, I know what the weekday of a specific date is in year 4268 that I'd like to use as the reference...I have no idea what the weekday is at the beginning of the first month of the first day of the era without a lot of manual (and error-prone) calculation.