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Fri, 15 Apr 2016 08:00:42 GMT

Dependencies are cool, as is the whole new programm. But I had hoped for something simpler. Like select and group a number of events, so that their offsets depend on the first event in the chain and are locked; so by setting a new date for the first event I could automatically move the whole string of events leaving the time span between all these events intact. Or is there a way to achieve this without going through the maths and filling it out for each dependent event seperately. My story is: I made up my mind, when a separate story within the over-arcing time-frame of the series takes place. I had two timelines: one series-timeline with a fictional calendar and a relative timeline for one story of the series. With Aeon 2 out I wanted to integrate dte single story into the series-timeline without much fuss. So I converted files from Aeon 1 to 2 and copy-pasted all the events from the single story into the series timeline. Because they were relative events they appear somewhere in the far future of the series timeline. As this single story is marked in the series-time line as an event I wanted to make the event in the series-timeline a parent to all the imported events from the single story. Didn't work. Goes all awry with story-events still somewhere off scale. So to create dependencies I have to do it all by hand. And afterward I can make that series event the parent of all the story-events, doing the math for the offset and filling it out by hand. Wouldn't it be simpler – not just for this, but for a number of occassions I can think of – if you could just drag a chain of linked events around by just setting the date for the starting event? Or is there any way to do this I'm unaware of?

Matthew Tobin
Thu, 21 Apr 2016 04:57:48 GMT

Hi, Firstly, apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this one. I was trying to push out an update with some bug fixes over the weekend, and have been catching up on support emails ever since! To answer the direct question on dependencies, you can do more or less what you are after: 1) Arrange the events in the sequence you want them 2) Optionally, if they have durations and you want them all touching end-to-start, you can choose *Make Consecutive* from the *Timeline* menu. 3) Once the events are positioned correctly, select all the ones you want to join and choose *Make Dependent* from the *Timeline* menu. This will add a chain of dependencies in chronological order (second depends on first, third depends on second, etc) which will have the exact effect you want: you can drag the first event, and the rest of the events will follow. I hope this makes sense - get back to me if it doesn't! -- On a slightly different topic, it sounds like you have found a bug with the cut and paste that is looking at their absolute dates rather than relative dates, and hence plonking them into the future. I will add it to my list of bugs to fix. Thanks, Matt