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Events seem to disappear after a CSV Import

Wed, 04 May 2016 12:50:10 GMT

Not sure if this is just newbie finger problems, but I have done a CVS import, and the events are present and correct with all fields completed, then after entering an event manually ALL the others disappear. I am probably doing something silly, who knows, but when I attempted a second import of the same data, into an apparently blank timeline, hey presto I have duplicated everything and bother sets of data are there on display. Have I pressed the wrong button somewhere? Andrew Field

Sat, 07 May 2016 13:25:24 GMT

Pay particular attention to quotation marks around text strings with this application. A pure CSV file with open text strings (not enclosed with quotation marks) will disrupt display.

Matthew Tobin
Wed, 11 May 2016 09:12:31 GMT

Hi, I believe we have discussed and resolved this one over email, but please let me know if I am mistaken! There are a few improvements still to be made to the Import dialogs, such as showing a preview of imported data, which should make these sorts of issues easier to resolve in future. Matt

Wed, 11 May 2016 14:34:56 GMT

Matt, We have indeed communicated directly by e-mail and thanks for your prompt response.