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One Way syncing?

Fri, 25 Aug 2017 15:04:08 GMT

What I want to do is use a novel I've written in Scrivener to make a single timeline in Aeon 2. The novel is one of a series, and the series touches on points in time hundreds of years apart, which is why I need a visual and detailed timeline. I want to suck the events and such from the whole series into this timeline, but I DO NOT want to sync info from Aeon back into Scrivener. So is it possible to use the sync feature to only pull info into a Aeon 2 file (From multiple projects, since I have one Scriv file for each novel), then organize the events and characters into arc and such utilizing all of the cool features in Aeon, but NOT sync that stuff with the metadata back into my Scriv files? I thought I would create the basic timeline using the 1st novel, then hope to add timeline info from others in the series. Even if I have to make future changes manually to Aeon when I change a date in Scrivener, that would be fine, I just don't want to import meta data and such into my Scriv files. Will this work? Any ideas for one way syncing?

Fri, 25 Aug 2017 17:31:59 GMT

There isn't a single magic button or toggle for one way synchronization, but there are a lot of ways you can control how much information is written back to Scrivener during an AT2 sync. There are two somewhat competing elements at play here. The first is that you want the process of populating the timeline to be as quick and easy as possible. The second is that you want to protect the integrity of your independent Scrivener files. What you are asking for is more of an export/import scenario, but what AT2 offers is highly configurable synchronization. You are completely in control of how often you synch, what files you sync to, what events you sync and what fields you sync for each event. A fairly minimal sync would consist of only the event Title field. On initial sync, that's not going to give you much more than a stack of events all on the same start day and zero duration. The process of turning that into a timeline will be manual and somewhat slow. If you are using Scrivener meta data fields for Start Date and End Date, you could sync those for the firs t time "import". That will give you what most users are after - a populated timeline with events in the correct order. AT2 won't create any custom meta data unless you specifically ask it to. You could go back and forth synchronizing one timeline to three or four different binders and only the events from the corresponding binder will be updated during the sync - if you have mapped fields for those to update. If you aren't using meta data date fields in Scrivener, then arranging all of the events into the AT2 timeline is going to be a bit tedious. Once setting them all in the timeline is done, you might want to do a sync and let AT2 create Start/End dates as meta data (at least one time) by selecting "New Custom Field". AT2 will automatically create the custom fields for you back in Scrivener. It doesn't hurt to have unused meta data in your Scrivener file and it could be a real time saver if you ever need to rebuild your timeline from scratch. In terms of protecting or isolating timeline and binder there are lots of AT2 options to assist with that. As the user you have: - Control over when to sync and which files to sync to - Control over what binder documents are mapped to timeline events - Control over what fields are mapped (including custom meta data) - Ability to view the sync status and resolve specific fields to either binder or timeline values - Ability to delete unwanted custom meta data schema from the binder (from within Scrivener) Best of all, you can change these settings so that you could do a full initial sync and then elect for subsequent syncs to perhaps only update names and dates, or just names or whatever. Nothing says you have to use the same sync settings on every run. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to sync values over time from two or more binders so that you get the value of a true sync (as opposed to an export/import) and still protect critical data. AT2 is quite smart when it asked to synch with different Scrivener binders as discussed over [in this thread](!/support/scrivener-syncing:sync-with-multiple-scrivene). It's quite a robust process, but you might want to make a backup of both timeline and binder before hand.

Fri, 25 Aug 2017 18:16:19 GMT

Thanks SOOOO much, razyr! You're answer has helped me so much. I played with a test file in both Aeon and Scrivener just now and I think your suggestion of using meta data fields for start and end dates and syncing only those dates and title of events should be exactly what I need. My series covers hundreds of years and I use quite a bit of other metadata in Scrivener that I don't need in the timeline, so my fear was that the sync process might garble some of my info or add things to both files that I don't need. Which would have caused a mega-breakdown for me! LOL Okay, so now I think I'll add the date information to the Scriv documents and create one hell of a helpful timeline in Aeon. Thanks again!