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Scrivener sync - Selected Project no longer exists

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 09:28:51 GMT

Hello, I just tried to sync my Scrivener project (that opens and works fine in Scrivener) with Aeon Timeline. But when I tried, it only said: The selected project no longer exists at that location. If the problem persists, open and close the project in its default application. I've tried it with several projects. Old ones, new ones, open ones, closed ones. It's always the same. What am I doing wrong? Is it because I use Scrivener in German?? Kind regards Dominique

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 12:35:56 GMT

Note: I now changed the system language back to english and it didn't work then either, so it can't be that.

Craig Schiller
Sat, 14 Jan 2017 17:35:32 GMT

I assume you are using the "Latest" option. Have you tried the "Choose Projext" option?

Sat, 14 Jan 2017 17:54:40 GMT

Yes I used the "Choose Project" option, and tried the other ones as well. Same result

Sun, 15 Jan 2017 19:55:29 GMT

Does anyone, have an idea, what might be the problem and how to fix this?

Sun, 15 Jan 2017 22:30:00 GMT

Hi, Do the file names of your Scrivener projects contain any special characters (ie. characters that are not part of the standard English alphabet, characters with accents etc.) We have had other users have problems if the filename of the project contains these characters, something which we are working to fix at the moment. Jess

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 10:32:36 GMT

I only used A-Z characters, nothing special or fancy.

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 17:19:40 GMT

So ... Problem solved with the help of a friend who uses Aeon Timeline as well. I didn't notice that not ANY file (like, a file in a file of a file) at all is allowed to have special characters. I had one - changed it. Now it works fine. I just thought you meant the actual folder the data is inside of.

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 20:14:55 GMT

I'm having this same problem, how exactly did you fix it? Do I have to change all of the chapter titles so they don't have any other characters than A-Z, is that it? Sorry for being slow ...

Craig Schiller
Mon, 16 Jan 2017 20:25:41 GMT

No, this refers only to foreign characters and characters with accents, etc, not numbers.

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 00:19:58 GMT

Hi, At the moment there is a problem with filenames containing foreign characters such as characters with accents, there will be a fix for this in the next update. Jess

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 06:55:14 GMT

HI Jess, In Windows 10 I'm being able to sync french words with accents. [Picaeon](// [Picscrivener](// . Is this happening because I'm using the latest "Try Version", that is already updated? I'm not able to make any sync when aeon and scrivener files are created in my documents folder. But I am able to make the sync if I create create/save both files on my Desktop. And when I do this even the french accents are sync. Does this make any sense to you?

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 01:50:23 GMT

Hi, Do your filenames have accented characters in them, or is it just the data (event and document names etc). The syncing problems only occur if the filename has an accented character, but not if it is just event/documents names. I'm not sure why documents will only sync when they are saved on your Desktop. Does that happen for all your files (even ones that don't have accented characters?) Jess

Sat, 25 Feb 2017 03:17:01 GMT

Hi Jess! Yes, the accents were only inside the documents, in the events etc.. Not on the filenames. I understand now the other messages about this. About the files who only synced on the Desktop, I think now that only happened because I had the aeon timeline on my drive C: and the Scrivener document on D:. If I have both files on the same drive everything goes ok. Thank you!

Fri, 19 May 2017 04:13:19 GMT

Hi Jess, is there any ETA yet for the next update and the fix for syncing Scrivener files containing foreign characters?

Mon, 22 May 2017 01:35:05 GMT

Hi, We are very close to releasing the update for this. We currently have a beta out that has the fix in it which you can access here: We hope to have this released as a proper update soon, but can't give exact dates yet. Jess