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Syncing existing Timeline event with existing Scrivener 3 document

Sat, 13 Jan 2018 18:16:42 GMT

This originally was a question, but someone in the Facebook group answered while I was in the process of cross-posting here. I did not find this in the existing KB/Support docs (I'm sure it's there somewhere, but I couldn't find it). Since this must be a common use case, I will share my question in the form of a tip. (Context: Aeon Timeline 2.2.6 and Scrivener 3.0.1. My timeline is fleshed out and includes meta events not in this actual book. I was doing this before realizing the value and need to sync events with chapters to keep proper time continuity. My Scrivener project, in draft 5+, predates the timeline and includes dozens of documents that relate to no timeline event will never be published. I have made copies of the timeline and Scrivener project for testing sync.) When selectivity syncing between existing timeline and existing Scrivener project, you can indeed MATCH existing Event A with existing Document B. This is done in the binder display, but not obvious if you're just clicking around, trying things out. What to do: 1) Right click on the Binder documen t—NOT on the gray question mark, but rather on the title—and in the context menu you are offered to match to an existing event. 2) Select "Link to Event..." When you do that, Aeon offers you a a list that looks much like the chronological list of all events you see when you related a Timeline event to happen after/before another Timeline event. 3) Select the appropriate Event. If you see a yellow exclamation point replacing the gray question mark, you're matched and just need to sync. If you see a red triangle replacing the gray question mark, do this: 4) Click on the red triangle. Now you get a popup window showing conflicts between matched fields (that you defined in the Sync Settings already to get to this point). 5) Choose which match item values should take priority—the Timeline Event's values or the Scrivener Document's values—and click Sync Now and close the popup window. 6) When done with matching up, Sync All (under the Sync menu). 7/ Be sure to Close Project or the scrivener file will remain locked! Hope this helps other hapless souls!