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When syncing, all events come up as unlinked

Thu, 25 Apr 2019 15:01:26 GMT

when syncing to Scrivener, all events come up as 'unlinked' and there seems to be no way to get them into the binder. They also do not show up when I open the project in Scrivener. Only the randomly singular event that ended up in the binder rather than in the 'Unlinked events' section shows up in the Scrivener project, when opened in Scrivener. Any pointers please?

Sun, 28 Apr 2019 02:18:59 GMT

Hi, There are a couple of ways to sync events with a Scrivener project. If you wish to create a document in Scrivener that is synced with an event in Aeon Timeline, drag that event from the timeline into the sync binder into the location you want it in the project. This should create a document, which will show a green tick next to it to show it has been synced. If you already have documents in Scrivener and you want to link them with an event in Aeon Timeline, then right click on the document in the sync binder, and choose "Link to Event". You can then choose an event to link it to. You can read about syncing here: and watch a video of it here: Let us know if you have anymore questions. Jess