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Wrong arc-entity in Scrivener crashes timeline without warning

Sat, 14 May 2016 10:45:35 GMT

I sent a support request yesterday about an "Error opening file" which told me: "ATRelationship has an invalid Role value". As I found out I made a mistake at the end of five hours of work which killed the timeline. So it was me, yes. The bad thing is, that the program didn´t tell me about it, just closed the file as if everything was ok and I could never open it again. This is what happened before I wrote the support request, as I reconstructed it later: All my documents where succesfully synchronized, when I had the idea of typing the name for an "arc"-entity in the appropriate metadata field in Scrivener. When I tried to synchronize after that in Aeon Timeline 2, I got an error-sign beside the file and a mouse-over message, that the "arc" name could not synchronize. No "why", but I found out it was because of it to be the same name as a "character"-entity. So I created a new "arc" entity with a unique name, assigned it and everything was ok. But. This file was in one folder and I had typed the same wrong arc-name in the appropriate field of three more files in anoth er folder in Scrivener. As I wrote above, I was working for five hours already and simply didn´t think about it. I did not open the other folder to check the synchronizing state of the other files. I just clicked "synchronize all", saved the timeline and closed it (by accident), got the error message when I tried to open it again and wrote the support request after a while of worthless trying. Some hours later I tried again, starting with an older backup file, and found another problem related to the still wrong arc-name in Scrivener, which I would call a "bug" in Aeon timeline. As I learned (I am using Aeon timeline 2 for two weeks now and never had the first version) is it possible to convert a whole bunch of Scrivener documents into events at the same time. So I created parent events from the appropriate folders in Scrivener, and when I converted all of the 11 files of the second folder at once, saved and closed the timeline for check, again I got that "Error"-message because of a "role value". Next step: I converted document after document and checked the values for each of them. This is what happened: Aeon timeline converted the documents while rejecting the wrong arc-name without any error message. The appropriate field was just empty in Timeline 2, while the field in Scrivener still held the wrong name. I had to synchronize again after converting the documents into events because of a change in date (got an "exclamation mark" beside the files), and it seemed to work. No "alert" sign showed up in the list of Scrivener documents. After I found out that it was here the problem lies, I assigned a new arc-name after I had converted each of the four files into events which held the wrong name in Scrivener, backwards synchronizing worked well and everything was just sunshine. Since there was a lot of converting, saving, closing and opening for check until I figured this out, I noticed in addition, that there was never a "would you like to save before closing" request, as long as there was something wrong with the arc-entity. Well. This was a really nasty experience which caused a lot of work in addition to the shock, that all my five hours work had simply vanished into the abyss. There should be some warning, either Aeon Timeline refusing to close and showing up a list of the files with incorrect entities, or the advice to never ever type an arc-name in Scrivener without beeing 100% sure it not interferes with some other entity-name. Apart from this little fault with big impact, Aeon Timeline 2 is a really great program :) Love it.