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Creating a Template that contains Entities

Thu, 04 Aug 2016 17:24:33 GMT

Does anyone know of a way to create a true template (not a file that you save and then open as a template, but one within the interface of AT2 itself) that will hold the entities that you have pre-created? The reason I need this is I created an Entity type in the main settings for plot structure. Since I need to visually track these things I then have to create entities within the entity 'type'....there are TONS of them. Recreating them each time is not a viable option for me at this point. Any ideas? Thanks!

Craig Schiller
Fri, 05 Aug 2016 17:49:21 GMT

Don't understand. Can't you just create what you need, save it as a normal file, then use that in the future?

Mon, 08 Aug 2016 14:28:37 GMT

I was trying to avoid doing that for simplicity. I'd rather it show up as a template in the 'new document' interface. However, it can't as far as I can tell, be done that way. The biggest problem I had was getting my 'template document' (that file just saved off somewhere as you were speaking of) still had Sync info from my original document. I figured out how to purge that data, so that is the method I'll have to use.

Sat, 22 Oct 2016 07:35:25 GMT

On my Mac here’s what I do, and although it’s an “out of Aeon Timeline solution” and is not perfect - it does work great and will do exactly what you’re talking about: 1. Do whatever it is you want to do in Aeon Timeline, including Entities, Dependencies, Nested Events and practically anything you want. 2. Once you're done save this file as you would normally do. 3. Now for the trick: locate the file you’ve just saved and select it, Command-I to get it’s info and then check Stationery pad (see image). 4. That’s it! Go to the file again and double click. The file will act as a template and will duplicate itself with your timeline exactly as you made it. The original file stays intact. [Image](//