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Creative "Misuse" of Colors Setting Extends Usefulness

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 10:14:56 GMT

Greetings! I wanted to not only name the characters in each of my scenes, but I also wanted to denote which one had point-of-view for that scene. I created a "Viewpoint Character" entity, but found I could not put a character in both "Characters" and "Viewpoint Character" which frustrated me, but I lived with it. I was contemplating the "Colors" setting and thinking of ways to use that when I realized it would be perfect to show the viewpoint character. A simple glance at the timeline would tell me who had POV and in which scenes. First, I had to dump those useless color names and give meaningful names to the colors. Next I customized who got what color. Here's a screen shot (cropped) of setting custom colors and using one of them in an event: And a screenshot of a portion of the timeline: I sync my timelines with Scrivener. I had to go in and diddle custom tags in Scrivener to get it all to work. There were leftov er settings from the old Scrivener and the old Aeon Timeline, but I eventually got it cleaned up. This is what Aeon tags look like in Scrivener: Thought someone might enjoy my "misuse" of an Aeon Timeline feature. :-D

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:38:54 GMT

Hi, Giving meaningful names to Colors is something that we included in the program thinking that they would be useful for users - like in this scenario. So I'm glad that you have found way that this helps you. Another way to do this, if others are interested, is under the Entity type "Characters" you can create different Roles. It looks like in your example you just have one Role - character. You could add a second Role called "Viewpoint Character", and only allow one per event. Then you can add the same characters to both Viewpoint Character and Character. This way does not give you the nice visual representation with the colours though. You can set up Roles in the Timeline Settings (the cog icon). They are helpful if you need you have entities (such as people) where you want to distinguish different ways they interact with the event. For example, our Fiction template has the Roles "Participant" and "Observer" for Characters - so you can choose whether a character was participating in an event, or observing. Jess

Mon, 26 Mar 2018 02:56:54 GMT

Hi, Jess: Did that and didn't like it because both roles are in character, I can only put each character into a single role. I have a list of characters in a scene, and then one of those is the view-point character. Except adding the character to view-point removes him from the list. Besides, there's no way to show on the timeline itself who has view-point in which scenes. Repurposing color accomplishes everything I want.