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Customizable Sub Categories

Devan Gelic
Mon, 09 May 2016 01:50:16 GMT

I'll try to explain, but at the moment, it's difficult to say what I'm visualizing. Arc, Place, Characters. At the moment, I have three sets of character types... Human, Animals and A.I. The Human Characters, could be placed in a general Characters category, with default settings etc or in a Species Category, with sub category for Humans, another for Alien Species 1 and Alien Species 2. but the A.I Characters and the Animals need their own set of of Character input values. Like A.I. Still needs participant and observer status, but it also needs manufacturer, current owner/operator or Primary User, and be able to link to a normal character, a Human. And depending on the scene or event, the Human attached to the event, could have a status of A.I. Currently connected to status, linking to an A.I. Character. Which could also auto place that A.I. Into the event. Same for Animals. Animals would have status of Wild, Domesticated, Captive, Pet, Pre-Sentient, Sentient etc, and be linked to its owner if any. And have that owners Character data display if it owns, or interacts w ith the animal in an event. As of now, I have Arc, Place, Characters, Artificial Intelligence, and Animal categories, but because A.I. And Animals are removed from the basic Characters category, I can't link them to a character attached to an event. At least I don't think I can atm. As for Places, I'd like to customize sub levels of categories. For instance, if I was to attach a place to an event, A place I called Hero's Home, I'd want it to list "This Universe ", "Milkyway", "Sol System" "Sol 3/Earth", "North America", "Canada", "Ontario", "Toronto", "Hero's Home". Just by Linking to just Hero's Home, and by default, since it's in a hierarchy, it could list the categories above it. Sort of like a computer Directory listing. A second could be called Villains Lair, which would branch off from That Universe's Sol System, to Mars, Coleny 3, Sector 17, Subbasement Level 46, Villains Lair. it would start off at That Universe and finish at Villians lair. basically another dimension or timeline Scenario. Basically deep levels of sub categories that are user defined, and can be set/toggled to display simple name of Place, Hero's Home, Villians Lair, or extended as examples in above paragraph. I'd also like to be able to set up an Items category, and link them to a character, so when an event happens, I attach the character to that event, and link to items currently on them. And note that it if an item was lost, broken, out for repairs etc, the next event would carry that status forward, so I'd know, it can't be used in this scene/event. As well as Current owner, or lent status and to who etc. Basically, deep levels of categories, sub categories, and interlinking of category entities.

Devan Gelic
Tue, 10 May 2016 07:05:58 GMT

Back to Characters and subcategories; My short term ideal would be to be able to customize and order the characters in the Manage Entities dialogue. Even if those subcategories have no meaning outside this dialogue box except as display. For instance; if I created the list as-- 1. Characters: 1.1 Species 1.1.A Human 1.1.A.a Billy Bo Bobby Joe 1.1.B Aliens 1.1.B.b Glarugh Flarg 1.1.C Animals 1.1.C.c Bear 1.1.C.c.1 Theodora 1.1.D Artificial Intelligence 1.1.D.d Syntax Gamma The Human, Aliens, Animals, and Artificial Intelligence would set default attributes , customizable by User, for the characters under their categories. So if I created a new character blank, and placed them inside, say the Human, the new character would have Birth, Death, Participant, Observer, Summary etc (As already set as default in Fiction template) But if I create a new character and place it inside Animals, it would have its own customized set of attributes, like Birth, Death, Participant, Observer, as well as Sentient Status Yes/No check box, Freedom Status, Owned/Free/Pet/Family Member etc. Same if I created a new character and put it in the Artificial Intelligence, it would gain the basic Birth, Death, Participant, Observer attributes, but because it is now under Artificial Intelligence, it gains the attributes of Primary User, Owner/Operator, Manufacturered by, etc And since every character created is still Under Characters, they can be filtered and viewed by Characters, and be treated as characters for events etc. I can see you if this is available, eventually it could lead to being able to create Object based class categories, Weapons, Clothes, Tools, Vehicles etc. Same for Places.

Matthew Tobin
Wed, 11 May 2016 09:48:17 GMT

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. I believe what you are suggesting is different "sub entity-types". I gather from your description that they would have a name, and be grouped together (e.g. under a tree-like view in Manage Entities), but they would share the same Role as their main entity type? As in: "Character" may have the roles "Participant" and "Observer" (or whatever you have named them in your template) "Human", "Animal" etc. would all be different sub-entity-types, but they would all share the one set of roles -- i.e. both Human and Animal would have access to the same "Participant" and "Observer" roles? Matt

Devan Gelic
Wed, 11 May 2016 15:19:59 GMT

Hi, yes yes. That would be absolutely great for a start. To just be able to Organize the Characters in a Tree Like view in the Manage entities. And to share the same roles. As in: "Character", because each entity created in this part, is ultimately under Characters, and Character Roles have listed "Participant" and "Observer", each entity inherits those Roles. But eventually it would be amazing if, say I created under "Character" tree, Humans, Artificial Intelligence, Animals etc. Since still under "Character" no matter where I created an entity in these three sub-tree levels, they inherit the Roles above it, in this case, "Participant" and "Observer". But then be able to assign more Roles at each tree level. So Human could keep the default Roles as "Character for Fiction" currently has (or be customized), but any Entity created in Animals, gains the customized Roles of "Sentient, check box yes/no" or "Sentience Status, text input" and "Freedom Status. Text Input". And because Animals is already under Character, it has already gained "Participant" and "Observer". But if I created an Entity under "Character", sub tree level "A.I.", and customized it to have Roles of "Primary user, link to another character", "Manufactured by, text input (or link to another Entity, say under a customized Organization that is separate from Character Place or Arc)" and since it is under Character, it gains "Participant" and "Observer" Roles, and because they are under "A.I." tree and different from "Animals" tree, they do not inherit any of Animal's customized roles. Even though I'm explaining this, as it fits my needs; if the basic set up of a Tree-Like view is implemented, it just makes for a better organization of Characters. Because it ultimately doesn't have to be labeled Animals or A.I.. Characters could be grouped by "Heroes" , "Villains", "By Standers" and "Citizens" etc. if a "Super" Story. Or "Police", "P.I.'s", "Clients","Criminals" and "Contacts" if a Detective story. But eventually being able to inherit above tree-like level Roles, Such as Detective Story, Each Police could have Role "Experience on the Force, text input or Start date picker" and P.I.'s could have "Case Status, Solved?, check box Yes/No." "Time Frame" Case Start, pick date. Case End, pick date"

Fri, 13 May 2016 03:14:51 GMT

I too would be very interested in having different sub-entity types, for similar reasons. Also like the inheritance points as a more future/advanced feature.

Devan Gelic
Sun, 15 May 2016 01:42:49 GMT

Matt, After re-reading what I wrote, I think there are at least 2-3 ideas involved in what I was visualizing. And each of them consisted short term goals, with options and wishes for the long term. Either short or long term though, if it can be done for one, say characters, it can be duplicated or expanded for say Objects, objects being attached to characters or places. Same for Vehicles, being attached to places if close in vicinity or a travel statement of Traveling from (Location choice) to (Location choice), especially if it's a ship (Ocean or Space faring). And after reading another post on here trying to figure out a way to list or display gender,nthis would also, for Characters, allow for Male/Female groupings, at least as a start. I apologize for trying to give more information than what is possibly necessary, but am unsure of the correct terminology/lingo, and tried to just describe. I think when you stated that you believe what I was trying to say, is correct in that belief.