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Thu, 07 Sep 2017 02:44:06 GMT

I've created arcs titled Act I, II, III. Inside each I add events that equate to scenes, and then created parent events that would equal chapters. In each parent, an event called something like “start of [parent name]” is automatically added, which I then delete since it's not a real event. Is there an easier way thank all

Thu, 07 Sep 2017 03:30:03 GMT

Hi, When you first add a child to a parent event, a popup should appear that asks if you want to create start and end child events to preserve the current start and end dates of the parent event. This is because the start and end dates of a parent event are determined by its children's dates. If you don't want to have the "Start of" events created, then click "No" when this popup appears, and they won't be created. Jess

Thu, 07 Sep 2017 18:19:54 GMT

Personally, I think that using parent events to represent chapters is a bad idea. It will lead you to confuse the sequence of your story telling with the sequence of events. When that line gets crossed, you lose much of the advantage of putting your events into a timeline at all. Events in your story can happen simultaneously, but you have to write about them in sequence, possibly in separate chapters. You may want to flash back to some past event in an order which completely disassociates the sequence in which events are relayed to the reader from the timeline in which they actually occurred. A refinement might be to create a new entity type named "Chapter" rather than using a parent event. This gives you the flexibility to keep story and history as separate concepts. It also gives you a lot of power with filtering and selective column display -- when you want to display perhaps only the information relevant to a few chapters. These timelines can ge t very busy, especially the relationship views. It often helps to be able to selectively hide extraneous information when you're deep in the process of outlining and writing. Hope that helps.