How Aeon Timeline keeps your plans organised

If you are looking for a simple, intuitive and flexible way to manage your next project, Aeon Timeline is the tool for you. A little like a Gantt chart but a lot more flexible, Aeon version 2 has been rewritten from the ground up to allows you to plan multiple projects and keep them up to date throughout their lifetime.

Many traditional project management applications are written to suit a single need: to develop a single large, comprehensive plan at the start of a project… and leave it that way.  Aeon Timeline aims to be different. We know that few plans can survive the first few weeks of activity, so we make editing and moving your plans intuitive and straightforward. We know that your employees may be shared across multiple different projects, so we make it possible to keep track of them all in a single location.

With Aeon Timeline, you can:

  • Layout your events (tasks) on a visually appealing timeline
  • Assign employees and resources to events
  • Visually group events by project, employee, location, or resource (some events may appear in multiple groups), and change this selection at any time
  • Use dependencies to tie events together and ensure they are completed in the correct order
  • Use nested events so that you can zoom in for a detailed breakdown of subtasks or zoom out for a contextual overview of your entire project.
  • Automatically calculate values such as a parent’s completion percentage and cost from child events
  • Add your own custom fields that you wish to track for each event
  • Look for holes or inconsistencies in your project plan, where an employee is assigned nowhere or asked to complete two tasks at once
  • Add your own images, external links, notes and research to your events so that you have everything you need linked from a single location.
  • Filter events by almost anything, so that you can narrow your focus when trying to identify and resolve specific scheduling conflicts
  • Add bookmarks within your timeline so that you can easily jump between key milestones.