Insights & Analysis

Gain a richer understanding of your timeline


Uncover Insights with Chronology

Aeon Timeline is the perfect place to consolidate information from different sources. See everything together so you can better understand how your story or case progresses.

Item Types

Define and tag custom collections to organize and enrich your timeline. Create and tag people, documents, or any custom element.


Nest item types to smartly organize your events and tasks. Icons and terminology are entirely customizable to fit your project.

Grouped Timeline

Compare Themes

See your project in context, identify gaps, and better understand how time plays a role. Stack multiple views of your timeline to see the complete picture.

Grouped Timeline

See your tasks and events divided in an easy-to-understand format.

Split Views

Stack your project's spreadsheet and timeline to help you navigate and analyze a complex chronology.

Export and Print

Share Your Insights, Make an Impression

Goodbye time-consuming graphics. Easily present your timeline for rapid decision-making live with an audience. Visuals help quickly communicate your project or case's status with clients and stakeholders.

Customize What's Shown

Convey your case or plan in a way that moves your audience. Display images, summary text, tags, and more.

Print and Export

Easily share a listing of big picture events. Choose how much detail is shown and capture a snapshot or print a copy.

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