Case Management Software

Centralize case facts and documents for trial preparation

Fact Database

Manage Facts, Not Spreadsheets

Are your facts in a forgotten spreadsheet or in a database? With CSV import, create and organize existing tags, to enable rich visualisations that can be reviewed with clients later.

Quick Data Import

Import directly from a CSV or a spreadsheet file with thousands of facts.

Extra Details

With a few clicks, events can be tagged with documents, witnesses and other details.

Grouped Timelines

Compare Testimonies

Our case chronology software lets you investigate and compare the significance of facts, witnesses, and depositions. You can quickly identify patterns, draw conclusions, and make informed decisions.

Organize Sources

Effortlessly organize and categorize case facts, witnesses, and depositions for thorough analysis.

Compare Recounts

Compare and contrast the significance of different facts and documents with ease.

Relational Tagging

Connect The Dots

In spreadsheet view, you can distinguish between who stated a fact and who witnessed it. This helps you make useful connections later. Once you're done, quickly compare and corroborate critical facts in the case.


Easily relate facts to documents or witnesses to build a fact database.

Legal Discovery

With strong connections you're ready to uncover valuable insights.

Spreadsheet View

Trial Preparation,

Aeon Timeline's spreadsheet view allows trial lawyers to easily enter and organize case facts in real-time, providing a dynamic timeline of events that can be shared and edited with clients.

Quick Data Entry

Build a shared timeline of case facts live with your client, ensuring accuracy.

Easy Tagging

Link facts to witnesses and build a strong foundation for your case.


Legal Discovery

Use the powerful filtering capabilities in the spreadsheet view to quickly find facts favorable or unfavorable. Easily analyze and compare the significance of different facts to strengthen your case.

Tag favorable facts

Identify Disputed Facts

Analyze Fact Significance

"Making a relational database that allows you to have robust tagging — these five people are tied to this fact, this is the person who said the fact, these are some of the witnesses to the fact —  is not a simple undertaking. Aeon Timeline has been a lifesaver for those things."

Thomas Vidal

First-chair trial lawyer

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