Legal Case Timeline Builder

Quickly outline and share key case facts

Timeline View

Perfect Client Communication

Easily align and review facts with clients using interactive event representations. Zoom in on specific moments in the case for detailed analysis and review.

Zoom In

Focus on key date-ranges to align and review specific facts with clients.


Know where you are while zooming in on facts and events.

Search and Filter

Swiftly Locate Key Facts

Swiftly locate specific case information with quick filters. By applying filters based on key criteria, such as dates, parties involved, or case status, they're able to access and navigate through what's most relevant.

Streamline case information retrieval

Effortlessly filter and sort through case specific data

Save time with intuitive search functionality

Filtered Timeline

Visually Demonstrate Key Events in Court

Trial lawyers can easily display key events in a visually compelling timeline format, allowing them to effectively demonstrate important points while in court.

Organize case facts

Highlight key evidence

Pick your most persuasive argument

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