Assign and Track

Tag anything from people to places. Track dependencies and progress.

Entity Panel

No-Fuss Organization

Build a growing collection of people, places, or story elements. In the entity side panel, you can separately list events and other items, giving you a layer of organizational superpowers.

Start Simple

Start small by creating lists of the people, places, or custom elements in your project. With separate lists, you can easily stay organized as your project grows.

Track Anything

You decide what matters in your project. Customize icons and colours, and use your own terminology.

Spreadsheet View

Capture the Details

In the spreadsheet view, you can add tags, categories, or properties to your events or custom collections. Keep track of all the details in one place.

Tag and Classify

Easily list important aspects of your project, such as arcs, themes, or documents. Then tag your events with them to organize your project.

Add In the Details

Track all of your project's details, such as priorities for tasks, or contact details for people. Add text fields, dropdown lists, links, or attachments.

Relationship View

Create Links and Connections

Relationships let you create links between information. Easily customize the different ways events and items connect to perfectly fit your project.

Connect Anything

Link any types of events or items. Map tasks to locations, or record how two people know each other.

Fine-Tune to Your Project

Track if someone participated in an event, or just observed it. Differentiate between stakeholders on a task or assignees.

Relationship Types

Customize the different ways events and items can be tagged and connected.

Inverse Relationships

Finding yourself saying "and vice versa"? Track connections from both directions.

Custom Properties

Add any details to your events, people, or custom elements.

Calculated Properties

Nest events or tasks and automatically calculate sum totals such as budgets.

Dependencies and Constraints

Track Progress,
Maintain Order

When plans and priorities change, dependencies and constraints can help you stay on track.


Easily track which events and tasks block each other, and visualize them on your timeline.

Date Constraints

Limit events and tasks to certain date ranges, or use offsets to stagger events.

Auto Adjust

Rearrange your events while keeping your dependencies and constraints met. Ensure your events stay in order while you edit your timeline.

Progress Tracking

Use status dropdowns to strike out completed items, making it easy to track the progress of your project.

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