Templates and Customization

Customize and reuse your project setup


Free-flow Planning

Get started without getting caught up in details. Drag and drop to organize events or tasks, and fill in dates and details at your own pace.


Hit the ground running with ready-made templates and examples.

Shape your timeline

Easily work out the order of events and tasks. Simply drag and drop, or add dates.


Date Flexibility

Plans and stories aren't one-size-fits-all. Customize your timeline to record dates as roughly or precisely as you need.  

Variable Precision

Record dates in years or down to the second. Zoom out to see whole centuries, or in for hour-by-hour details.

Customizable Calendar

Plan against just days or weeks, or even create a custom calendar.


Custom Collections

Personalize your project entirely with custom item types. Create lists of people, places, or any other elements.

Flexible Structure

Nest items to organize your work. Put people in teams, or group states by country.

Track anything

Customize icons and colours, and use your own terminology.


Capture Details

Keep your creative process where you need it most – inside your project. Stay organized with notes and tags, so you can easily reference crucial information it matters most.


Add text fields, dropdown lists, and more to your events or custom elements. Reference important notes right when you need them.


Link events or tag people and places. Easily customize the different ways events and items connect to perfectly fit your project.


Reuse Your Project Setup

Get a head start on your next case, book, or project. Save and reuse your item types, tags, and properties.

Saved Lists

On to book 2? Save and reuse your lists of characters, places, or custom elements.


Have you set up teams of employees, or groups of documents? Keep your groupings when starting a new file.

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