Story Planner

For writers, maintaining the balance between creativity and order can be challenging. With Aeon Timeline, it's easier than ever for writers to juggle multiple plot threads so they can focus on writing captivating stories.

Story Planning

Start your story on the right track with our pre-designed narrative templates.

Plot Structuring

See the chronological order of events and easily identify plot holes or inconsistencies.

Outline View

Plan Your Key Scenes

Use story structure folders to organize your scene ideas. The Outline View gives you a place to expand on new ideas and add scenes without specific dates.

Add new scenes anywhere

Develop plot events within a scene

Re-order your scenes to fit the narrative

Entity Panel

Use a Plotting Framework

Plan your plot around any story structure, such as Hero's Journey, StoryGrid, or others. Customizable templates let you brainstorm plot events within a narrative framework.

Visualize story elements

Build a strong foundation

Develop engaging narratives

Narrative View

Organise the Narrative

In narrative view, you can easily view your entire novel in a 3 act structure using story beats. Ensure your story flows exactly how you wanted it to.

3 Act Structure

See your novel in a clear narrative structure for easier planning.

Story Beats

Structure your plot events by story beats to make your story engaging.

Custom Properties

Advance Multiple Plot Lines

As your story grows, you can map events to plot threads while tracking your story against any story planning framework, such as Save the cat!, StoryGrid, or a story layout of your own.

Ensure chapter consistency

Track plot development with story arcs

Ensure cohesive and engaging narratives

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