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Effortlessly plan your research projects

Compact Display

Birds Eye View

In a compact display track big milestones in Timeline view, research advisors can easily track and manage all ongoing research projects and published works, ensuring a comprehensive overview of their research portfolio.


Visualize the progress and key milestones of each research project in one place.

Project Management

Easily monitor the status, deadlines, and dependencies of your research projects.

Spreadsheet View

Track and Manage Sources

A powerful relational database designed to put chronology first will give you a leg-up on source tracking where reference managers may fall short.

Quick Data Entry

Easily input and organize academic sources with Aeon Timeline's intuitive spreadsheet interface.

Convenient Tagging

Build custom classifications to plan across multiple research paths.

Custom Relationships

Uncover Gaps in Academic Research

Customise how your sources link together across literature reviews. Relationship types let you track the precedence of academic authorship. Properties and tags in the spreadsheet let you assign authors and track evolving research across time.

Source Tracking

Efficiently track and organize multiple literature reviews sources with properties and tags.

Literature Reviews

Conduct thorough and comprehensive literature reviews using customisable relationship types.

Grouped Timeline

Better Research With Chronology

Envision new directions and uncover valuable insights by visualising how ideas and debates evolve over time. Timeline View enriched with custom categories let you visualise the sequential development of a set of topics.

Timeline Visualization

Track the chronological progression of past research in a visually engaging way.

Chronological Research

Visualise gaps by examining the sequential development of articles and publications.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about chronological research and related topics.

What is chronological research?

Chronological research is a method of organizing and analyzing data in a chronological order to understand the sequence of events and their relationships. It helps researchers identify patterns, trends, and causality.

How is chronological research used in literature reviews?

Chronological research is commonly used in literature reviews to analyze and synthesize existing research studies in a chronological order. It helps researchers identify the evolution of ideas, theories, and methodologies over time.

What is a thematic analysis?

Thematic analysis is a qualitative research method that involves identifying, analyzing, and interpreting patterns or themes within a dataset. It helps researchers gain insights into the underlying meanings and concepts present in the data.

How can I conduct a methodological review?

To conduct a methodological review, researchers systematically analyze and evaluate the methods used in previous studies. This helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in the existing research methodologies.

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