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Spreadsheet View

Handle Thousands of Facts with Ease

Aeon Timeline's spreadsheet view allows trial lawyers to efficiently manage and organize thousands of case facts in a tabular format. With this powerful feature, you can easily track and analyze key information, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Streamline fact management

Effortlessly organize and analyze key information

Move faster and craft stronger arguments

Grouped Timeline

Comparing Facts with Chronology

Don't get lost in the weeds. Compare the significance of facts, witnesses, and depositions. Split views and grouping help you analyse patterns, draw conclusions, and make informed decisions.


Effortlessly organize and categorize case facts, witnesses, and depositions for thorough analysis.

Split Views

Compare and contrast the significance of different information in the case.

Date Precision

Data to Insight, at Adaptable Precision

Uncover the golden thread and build a bulletproof case. The dates in timeline view can be as granular or opaque as you need them to be. You can have varying levels of precision in your chronology and still identify patterns as you dig deeper.

Adaptable Precision

Capture and edit dates and chronological information at varying units of measure.

Properties and Notes

Links and notes let you keep up with sources as more details are revealed.

Print and Export

Export Key Facts for Court Documents

Seamlessly provide the court with a comprehensive listing of big picture events with our export feature. Exports can be useful for drafting motions, summary judgments, and court documents.

Save time and effort

Ensure accuracy and consistency

Craft persuasive arguments with ease


Build Stronger Arguments

Our timelines are designed to help you focus on what matters most in a given situation. The customisability enables you to enrich your data with tags and properties while the filters and easy to use interface keeps you in the drivers seat.

Favorable Facts

Quickly identify favorable facts with filters in spreadsheet view.

Undisputed Evidence

Capture the most important aspects of your case with tags.

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