Sync, share, and present

Sync with writing apps

Sync your narrative with Scrivener (Mac/Windows) or Ulysses (Mac).

Syncing keeps your narrative's documents and folders up to date and in order, so you don’t have to resort to inputting your events in both applications.

Note: syncing is not available on iOS due to platform limitations.

Bidirectional workflow

Syncing goes both ways. Changes made in Scrivener or Ulysses are pulled into your timeline, and changes made in Aeon Timeline are synced back to Scrivener or Ulysses.

Choose what to sync

Choose which event details and relationships to sync into custom Scrivener/Ulysses fields and keywords.

Sync people, places and other custom types with Scrivener folders to create Character Sheets etc. in nested groups.

Import, export, and share

Export data as a CSV file, or import existing CSV data into your timeline. Print or export images from each view.

Share your timeline file with anyone who downloads the app and they will be able to browse, search, and filter your timeline for free using read-only mode.

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