Project Management Software

Organize all your tasks and manage workloads flexibly and in once place

Unified Display

Add it once,
see it everywhere

Data you add to the spreadsheet view is shared across all views. Manage tasks and summaries in the spreadsheet while navigating the same information a visually stunning timeline.


Say goodbye to manual data entry and tedious copy-pasting.

Beautiful Timelines

Watch spreadsheet data come to life in a dynamic and compelling timeline.

Dependencies and Constraints

Plan, Adapt, Change.

Take the anxiety out of hitting deadlines and future proof your project plans with dynamic constraints. With known dependencies, you can prevent bottlenecks, and be sure nothing is lost in the mix.


Visualize task interdependencies and prevent bottlenecks.


Future-proof projects and resources with event contraints.

Custom Item Types

Your Project,
Your Structure

Build a custom project hierarchy, and easily organize long task-lists within project folders. This allows for a clear breakdown of tasks, ensuring clarity when it comes to execution.

Flexibly track tasks by people or by phases

Manage multiple tasks shared across projects

Maintain a clear view of related projects

Subway View

Visualize overlapping project phases

Split timelines allow you to easily visualize and manage overlapping project phases or concurrent activities. Split-view works across all views.

Visualize project roadmaps and task details

Efficient project planning and management

Enhanced collaboration and communication among team members

Relationship View

The best of both worlds

Easily switch between the high level roadmap and individual tasks when needed. The freedom to view both helps strengthen project plans and ensures clear management.

Focus on the information that matters

Adapt to complexity as the scope evolves

Improve stakeholder confidence

Groups and Filters

Superior Organisation,
Better Reporting

With hierarchical grouping, project managers can easily collapse or expand parent tasks to focus on what matters when its most relevant to the task at hand.


Effortlessly organize tasks into sub-tasks and apply filters to focus on critical information.


Easily group related tasks together to provide a clear overview for stakeholders.

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