Historical Timeline Software

Visualize and share history's forgotten mysteries

Grouped Timeline

Capture Broad Historical Themes and Eras

The split-view in the interactive timeline view allows educators to present overarching historical themes and eras without getting lost in the details. With Aeon Timeline, you can easily simplify the presentation and focus on the big picture.

Custom Labels

Easily track and manage key historical themes and eras with custom labels.

Group By

Visualise overarching historical trends by using your labels to group the timeline.

Uncertain Dates

Reveal Gaps in Historical Knowledge

With Uncertain Dates and Calendar Markers in the interactive timeline view, students can easily distinguish and manage incomplete histories, identifying gaps in their historical knowledge.

Visualize Gaps

Convey a bigger picture by visualizing historical events with uncertain dates.

Manage Knowledge

Effortlessly organize historical facts to pinpoint the missing pieces in the puzzle.

Item Inspector

Immerse Students in a Rich Learning Experience

An interactive timeline allows for a dynamic and immersive learning experience that lets students browse historical events in a new way. Your timelines can accept rich multimedia like images, and hyperlinks to other engaging content.


Bring history to life with interactive multimedia elements that engage and captivate students.


Guide the learning journey with additional context and resources within the timeline.

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