Data Management

Categorize your work and manage the details

Spreadsheet View

Everything In One Place

With customizable columns and unlimited rows, spreadsheet view simplifies date, tag, and note management.

Quick Create

Type and hit enter to rapidly add events—ideal for planning or jotting down ideas.

Spreadsheet Import

Import CSVs to bring over your existing work. Import events, people, or custom elements. Pull in dates, notes, and tags.

Item Inspector

Edit Key

Easily edit event details with the Item Inspector—accessible from anywhere in the app.


Add text fields, dropdown lists, and more. Track statuses or contact details.


Link events or tag people and places. Clearly see how your story or plan fits together.

Item Types

Custom Collections

Add lists of people or places, or setup custom collections to fit your project.

Entity Panels

Keep a list for each item type. Easily find, sort, and manage records.


Nest items to organize your work. Put people in teams, or group states by country.


Filter Easily for Quick Insights

Easily filter your timeline to focus on the information you need. Quickly see tagged events with one click for any category or item from the entity panel.

Focus and Compare

One click groups events on the timeline by person, topic, or any other tag.

Advanced Filtering

See only the events for certain dates, statuses, or any other aspect. Save filters to easily apply them again later.

Advanced Search

Quickly find the information you need with advanced search. Search in tags, notes, or any other field.

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