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The timeline view in Aeon Timeline

Get your project in order

Document your project in detail. See your complete timeline, clearer than ever.

Compile and record everything

Document all aspects of your project. Group and order events and data, attach files, and add links. Cross-reference anything.

Make your timeline as simple or detailed as you need with custom categories and attributes.

Create a clear repository

Manage hundreds of records down to the finest detail. Visualize data by date or category. Find key information and files with ease.

Craft your story

Plan and structure powerful storylines

Outline your project

Plan out your story in a powerful visual workspace. Develop your plot and characters, without ever switching apps.

Plan holistically

Visualize your story chronologically, by narrative, or by character arc. Coordinate subplots, expand on ideas, and track dependencies.

Customer stories

"I like to write fast and I like to write loose. Aeon Timeline allows me to be more spontaneous, because I can build this framework that I can rely on to work out where I am."
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David Williams

Journalist, academic, and author

"Making a relational database that allows you to have robust tagging — these five people are tied to this fact, this is the person who said the fact —  is not a simple undertaking. Aeon Timeline has been a lifesaver for those things."
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Thomas Vidal

First-chair trial lawyer

"Aeon Timeline is beautiful because you can tailor it using the customer's language. If we can change dates, structure and responsibilities immediately and show the results, it helps bring efficiency and accountability."
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Michael Hüttemann

CIO, Make Relations

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