Story Plotting

Stories aren't born great—they evolve

From outline to editing, Aeon Timeline helps you experiment, refine, and shape your narrative.

Chart your story's path

Bring your story to life with purposeful planning and creative exploration.

Craft a flowing narrative

As you set up pivotal moments and their consequences, Aeon Timeline helps you see the shape of your story unfold. Visualize the flow and pace of your story with timeline view.

Expand your ideas

Let your ideas loose and see where they can take your story. Mindmap view helps you find inspiration anytime during your writing journey. Visualize, fine-tune, and grow your ideas.

Grow your story

Expand on your plot points and evolve key moments into a full-fledged story. Aeon Timeline helps you develop those moments organically, letting you focus in to add nested details, or zoom out to see the bigger picture of your story.

Amplify your story's impact

Fire up your creativity and take readers on an unforgettable journey.

Propel your plot forward

With Aeon Timeline, you can keep track of the important turning points within your story. Tag and highlight key moments, or use a story framework and see your story guided by its beats.

Deepen your narrative

Enrich your story with subplots that reveal new perspectives on your main theme, or the unique challenges and motivations of your characters. See how your different storylines flow and align with grouped timelines.

Show character growth

Build relatable and nuanced characters, and craft a plot that meaningfully contributes to their growth. Subway view help you compare their individual journeys and see where they cross paths.

Craft a seamless story world

Bring your story's setting to life with Aeon Timeline. Develop your story world and narrative together on the timeline, so you can meaningfully weave in elements of your world to make it a dynamic part of your story.

Write, revise, thrive

From your initial outline to the final draft, Aeon Timeline helps you develop a roadmap for your story. With a solid foundation, you can focus on writing without constant worries about technical details or continuity.

Troubleshoot the hotspots

Examine your story from different perspectives to refine everything from characters, to themes, to rising tension. With Aeon Timeline's versatile set of views, apply different lenses to your story as you move along the writing journey.

Tighten your narrative

Make every scene and chapter count. With Aeon Timeline, you can visually plan and manage your overarching narrative. Select the scenes that best propel your story forward, and perfect your story's pace and impact.

Eliminate continuity issues

Keep your story's events in logical order and ensure crucial scenes stay aligned while you refine your narrative. Aeon Timeline's dependencies and constraints let you lock key events in sequence or link plot points together.

Sync with Scrivener or Ulysses

Effectively revise and refine your storyline. With Aeon Timeline's syncing capabilities, switch easily between writing your story, and visualizing or analyzing the broader storyline.

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