Chronological Analysis Software

Uncover and visualize patterns and themes

Uncertain Dates

Build a Chronology of Events on the Fly

Field researchers can quickly create and piece together a high-level chronology of events, even when faced with uncertain dates and events.

Date Uncertainty

Easily manage and organize events with uncertain dates, ensuring accuracy and flexibility.

Undated Events

Include events without specific dates, while maintaining a full view of your research.

Item Inspector

Manage Evolving Research Insights

Piece together flexible chronologies. With the ability to work with uncertain dates and establish a creation order, you have the flexibility to adapt their chronologies as their projects evolve.

Item Inspector

Effortlessly handle events with uncertain dates, ensuring accuracy and adaptability in your research.

Creation Order

Keep the high-level sequence of events you began with, retaining structure in your research.

Multiple Views

Streamline Your Research

A variety of unique views, each of which update instantly as one updates allows for more creative analysis and insights.


Effortlessly organise data in Spreadsheet View.


Gain valuable insights in a live-updating Timeline.

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