Strategic Project Planner

A strategic project planning tool for effective program management

Calendar Markers

Dynamic Project Plans

Easily mark project milestones using calendar markers. By visually highlighting important events and deadlines you can ensure you're well-prepared before your next deadline arrives.

Visualize project milestones with calendar markers

Ensure preparedness for milestones and deadlines

Intuitive project plans with interactive timelines

Custom Properties

Efficient Note Taking

With fully customisable summary notes, lists, and checkbox fields, quickly create and update details while staying up to date with the latest requirements.

Boost Efficiency

Save time and effort by quickly summarizing tasks and tracking progress in one place.

Stay Updated

Keep your project requirements up to date with easy access to task summaries.

Compact Display

Project Hierarchy,
Made Visual

A range of display options let you easily monitor the high level milestones and events while keeping the details hidden from view. Seamlessly switch between the roadmap and tasks.

Compact Displays

Nest tasks into project folders and see the big picture with a range of display options.


Easily make changes to project timelines and adapt to evolving needs.

Relationship View

Customizable RACI Matrix

Resource planning has never been this flexible. Align groups across multiple layers of your organisation. Custom groups let you assign entire teams, or align project leads. Now you can manage responsibilities in the same place you coordinate your resources.

Custom Groups

Create custom groups to categorize and manage resources according to your needs.

Quick Filters

Easily filter and sort information within the RACI Tool for efficient resource coordination.

Grouped Timelines

Stacked Project Timelines

Visualize concurrent projects or overlapping phases. You can group events into a split-view to clearly see how your stream of tasks are being carried out across multiple programs.

Align all the critical teams in the organisation

Manage multiple projects and programs

Enhance collaboration among team members

"Aeon Timeline is my secret weapon to bring us together. When people look at a timeline, when they see the relationship matrix, they understand inherently what it is."

Michael Hüttemann

CIO, Make Relations

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