Licensing Model

With the release of Aeon Timeline 3, we are moving to a new licensing model for future releases.

Buy Now, Use Forever

When you make a purchase, you get access to the current version of Aeon Timeline, and it is yours to keep forever*.

This is not a subscription model. You will not be required to pay a yearly subscription fee to continue using our software.

... +12 months of Free Updates

Upon purchasing Aeon Timeline 3, you will be eligible to receive free updates for the next 12 months after the release. These updates will include a mix of bug fixes and new features, which we will release as soon as they are ready.

Once your free updates run out, you can choose to purchase another round of updates, or continue using the version you already have forever*.

... on up to 5 devices

Mac, Windows, iOS: you can use it across 5 devices** on whatever platform combination you like.

The same license covers you no matter the platform (no more paying for a separate Mac and iOS license). Download from our website or from the App Store. It all works the same.

** Each device should be your own device for your own use of the software. A license cannot be shared with other people, except for the "occasional household use" clause included in our Terms and Conditions.

Renew whenever you are ready

You are in control of the upgrade cycle.

We will put out new features and updates as quickly as we can manage... no more holding features back to justify a big "major upgrade".

If you like what you see, you can upgrade straight away. If you are happy with the version you already have, you can hold off 15, 18, 24 months... as long as you like.

We won't penalise you for waiting... we will just be happy to welcome you back into the fold.

But that "Keep me updated" checkbox looks ominous...

It isn't.

Of course, we would love for you to upgrade every 12 months... it helps pay our bills and keep us fed so we can continue to develop the application we love.

But the checkbox is only there as a convenience if you want to support us and always have the latest version. It will always be your choice, and you can always update at your own pace.

* Is it really forever?

Okay, not quite forever... it is yours to keep for as long as you have hardware capable of running that version of the software.

Operating systems change, hardware gets upgraded, and eventually some of those changes preclude older software from running. When that happens, you would need to purchase an updated version.

But that is no different to the old model.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was wrong with the old model?

There has always been a tug-of-war with the old major-minor release approach:

  • Users naturally want new features and free upgrades for as long as they can get them; but they also insist on something big (or several big things) to justify buying a new version.
  • Developers love building new features and want to see them in the users' hands; but they also have to hold something back that they can arbitrarily package up into a "major release".

The end result doesn't really work well for anyone. Slower release cycles mean brand new features collecting dust. And larger software increments increases can lead to more bugs and a steeper learning curve when users update.

Why is the new model better?

The new model lets us do our best work more often. Instead of pushing out a few updates and then shifting our attention to the next major update, we can release more software in smaller increments, more often.

That benefits developers, but it benefits users too, because improvements will be released more often, without the need for us to create artificial boundaries.

And by allowing you to decide when to update, each user can make their own decision about which group of features warrants an upgrade price. You can update when you see value for you, or continue to use your existing version as long as you like.

Why are you making this change now?

The timing is right for us.

We have grown from a single developer to a team of developers, and Aeon Timeline 3 is the result of 3 years hard work to redesign and rewrite the entire app. Barring a few missing features, it has probably been a better app than version 2 for at least a year, probably longer. But we haven't seen any reward for that work over that time.

We want to put that kind of sluggishness behind us. We have a laundry list of great feature ideas from our users and more flowing in all of the time, and we want to get to work making them a reality.

Version 3.0 should be the start of that process, not the end. This license model will let that happen.

But what if you don't put out enough updates?

We have every intention of putting updates out regularly, and this model will be an incentive for us to do so.

But if you aren't happy with the pace updates have come out, then don't update. You can wait until we release a new feature that you feel is worth the asking price.

Isn't this just a subscription model?

Not at all. Subscription models make users pay a monthly or yearly fee to access something they already have. If you don't pay, access is taken away.

With this model, you are free to use your existing version indefinitely. And you will be charged a one-off cost when you choose to rejoin.

Subscription models have a bit of a bad reputation. They have their place (when there is a cost associated with the delivery of an ongoing service) but for us, software licensing doesn't really suit that model.

So we are going with something different.

How do I manage or cancel auto-renewals once I have signed up?

You can cancel your auto-renewals any time and continue to use your current version, plus any versions released prior to the end of your current subscription period.

To avoid payment, you must cancel your subscription at least 24 hours prior to your next billing period. Your next billing period will be shown on the "My Account" screen inside the Aeon Timeline application.

All license renewals are for a 12 month period. Partial and pro-rata refunds are not available for cancellation midway through a billing cycle.

For information on how to cancel your auto-renewal, see Managing Auto-Renewals.

How many licenses do I need for a team of people using Aeon Timeline?

Each person using Aeon Timeline in editor mode should have their own license. A license cannot be split across multiple users, even if they fit within the device limit.

Team members who need to view but not edit a timeline can use the application in a free read-only mode without purchasing a license.