Worldbuilding Tool

Effortlessly manage characters and story elements

Custom Item Types

Unlimited Worlds,
Infinite Possibility

Build a world to the limits of your imagination. Ensure your backstory is authentic by crafting a background that brings it to life the way you always hoped.

Custom Elements

Unleash your creativity and build a rich universe with it's own unique lore and history.

Quick Creation

Add new characters, locations, or story elements to your world effortlessly.

Mindmap View

Develop Rich Character Backstories

With Aeon Timeline's Mindmap View, world-builders can easily define how characters relate to each other and to the aspects of their story. Visualize and organize entire family trees to create rich and interconnected characters.

Visualize complex character relationships

Organize story elements with ease

Create rich and interconnected worlds

Subway View

Effortlessly Manage Multiple Plotlines

With key plot events in Subway View, easily organise complex storylines and plots. It highlights natural plot connections, making it easy to create authentic characters and engaging storylines.

Subway Tracks

Use subway view to track and manage multiple character arcs or plotlines

Item Inspector

Quickly edit story elements on the fly while crafting your backstory.

Relationship View

Assign and Track Character Ages

Easily track character ages across the course of the life of your characters. Relationship view updates as characters evolve even as you make major changes to the plot.

Age Tracker

Assign and track character ages while keeping them in context to your story world.

Plot Alterations

Track how a plot or backstory change affects the evolution of your characters.

Calendar Markers

Anchor Your Backstory

Aeon Timeline empowers Worldbuilders to map out major events. Keep the key events of your story universe in focus as you develop your characters.


Develop a rich backstory and see your character's journey unfold.


Use backstory events to shape the 'why' driving your characters.

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