Outline and Narrative Views

Story Structuring Made Interactive

In Aeon Timeline, easily outline your book, even without specific dates in mind. Digital index cards help you visualize your narrative and focus on the story.

Outline Scenes

Structure your story with Outline View. Arrange scenes into chapters and folders. See all the key details in one place.

Visualize Chapters

Narrative View lets you visualize your entire story on index cards. Familiar. Digital. Integrated.

Narrative Order

Experiment with Scene Order

With Aeon Timeline's narrative view, easily change the order of the story, experiment with different endings, and manage character arcs.

Flexible Order

Flashbacks? Rewrites? Tell your story your way. Drag and drop scenes in any order, regardless of dates.

What If?

Enjoy the freedom to explore alternate narrative orders and experiment with different endings.


Customize Your Narrative Structure

Track story beats, manage parallel story arcs, or building a three act structure. Whether writing script scenes or book chapters, let us track the details, so you can spend your time being creative.

Common Frameworks

Aeon Timeline can support storytelling frameworks such as Hero's Journey, StoryGrid, and Save the Cat!

Save your Projects

Save templates with your own custom setup, and reuse them throughout your ongoing book series or for future projects.

Timeline View

Plot Story Events through Time

Does your story span centuries or mere days? Mix your story's scenes with rich backstories and global events to build a sense of time and place in your story world. Timeline View lets you examine how your scenes fit together to create a coherent and compelling story without the plot holes.

Escape Plot Paralysis

Stop struggling against a never-ending tide of continuity errors. Stay in tune with changing seasons, and make sure the logic of your story world is bullet proof.

Character Arcs

View separate timelines for each character to track their development and make sure they are never in two places at once.

Relationship View

Craft Believable Characters

Aeon Timeline automatically calculates character ages at key events. Watch your character backstories evolve and ensure consistency after major plot changes.

Track Character Ages

Easily assign and track character ages in key plot events to ensure continuity.

Leverage Your Backstory

Use formative events from your character's past to pinpoint their underlying goals and motivations.

How to Craft a Perfect Narrative

Aeon Timeline provides a range of tools to help you structure and organize your narrative. Start by developing the events that tell your story, then customize their order to experiment with different storytelling approaches.

Select your Plot Points

Start with key scenes and formative events to give purpose to your story. Add layers of detail to bring your story world to life.

Refine the Story Order

Order matters. Decide the events that occur on camera, and refine the order to create a compelling narrative flow.

Visualize your Narrative

View your outline as narrative cards, and consider different ways to engage your audience .

Unlock Your Story's Potential

Synchronize Your Story Order

Keeping track of the important details can be a challenge when writing. Syncing lets you seamlessly maintain order, and keep your book on track, so you can focus your creative energy.

Narrative Cards

Our narrative cards help you develop a flowing narrative and bring joy into the chapter outlining process.


With seamless syncing with Scrivener, keep your writing on track with the important details at your fingertips.


Sync your custom narrative structure to Ulysses.

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