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Aeon Timeline 3.3.20

June 18, 2024

Aeon Timeline version 3.3.18 has been released with the following fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where events without a duration would be set to 1 second, minute, or hour after using the calendar picker
  • Modified behaviour of Sidebar tooltips to hide after being clicked
  • Fixed a bug where durations wouldn't print in spreadsheet view
  • Modified Windows auto-update process to resolve future update issues

Aeon Timeline 3.3.18

May 20, 2024

Aeon Timeline version 3.3.18 has been released with the following fixes:

Constraints Panel:

  • Violated constraints and dependencies now show at the top of the list.

CSV Import and Export:

  • The order of exported items will now match the order you set in the app.
  • When exporting relationships or properties with multiple values, each value will now go on a new line. For example, when an event is related to many different characters, or when an item has multiple links.
  • When importing a CSV, you can now set the internal delimiter within such fields to be a new line instead of a comma. This is to make it easier to import values that contain commas, such as a name like “Smith, John”.
  • Fixed an issue where importing multiple items with the same name would sometimes create new items instead of updating existing ones.
  • [Remove the translation string one, it’s minor and no one needs to know the app has translation capabilities because it isn’t launched]

Search and Replace:

  • Searching will now also search item IDs (e.g. EV1).
  • Search and Replace will now also match punctuation and special characters such as |, (, ), etc.
  • Search and Replace will now allow replacing text with an empty value to delete text

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix crash in Filter Panel that can occur when the narrative is disabled
  • Fix issue where changing date format from relative to absolute may not immediately update the timeline view correctly
  • Fixed issue where calendar markers may render in incorrect location during scrolling

Aeon Timeline 3.3.12

February 27, 2024

Aeon Timeline version 3.3.12 has been released with the following fixes:

Printing & Exporting

  • Fixed a printing bug that could insert extra empty lines in some event descriptions
  • Add new columns to exported CSV files for related item labels (separate from compact display)
  • Fixed an issue where printing and exported images may cutoff the edge of expanded parent events


  • Fixed a bug that could create duplicate copies of tags
  • Fixed a bug where brand new Scrivener labels could not sync with colors correctly
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate events could be created when syncing updated version 2 files for the first time
  • Fixed a bug where narrative items could be moved into the wrong order


  • Fixed a bug where valid relationships could be deleted when deleting other relationships while the narrative was enabled and empty
  • Fixed issue where Mac app sometimes doesn't restart with latest release automatically
  • Fixed an issue opening a file exported as a "TSF"
  • Remove "add to narrative" options from right-click menu when narrative is disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the entity list takes keyboard focus unexpectedly
  • Fixed display bug where newline characters were not shown in Spreadsheet View
  • Fixed bug that affected selecting multiple items in Relationship View
  • Fixed bug where not all selected items were highlighted in Search Panel

Aeon Timeline 3.3.9

February 2, 2024

Added new sample templates to help you get started more easily!

Aeon Timeline 3.3.8

November 21, 2023

Aeon Timeline version 3.3.8 has been released with the following fixes:

Calendar Markers

  • Fixed an issue with drag and drop of calendar markers
  • Fixed an issue with short calendar markers being shown behind longer ones

CSV Import

  • Fixed CSV export for some files containing emojis and other non-latin characters


  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to resize narrow table columns
  • Fixed an issue where users could remove the gutter column in spre
  • Fixed minor pixel-alignment issues in timeline display and layout calculations
  • Fixed an issue displaying item names with colons
  • Fixed an issue with deleting links shared between multiple items

Aeon Timeline 3.3

November 1, 2023

One-Click Universal Sorting

  • We’ve unified how entities are sorted across the app, to help with everything from organizing characters, to spotting duplicates while entering data from multiple sources.
  • You can now drag and drop calendar markers to set their order, or choose to automatically sort them by label, color, or date.
  • Subway View Track Order
  • When choosing to show intersections in Subway view, you can now choose between having the app arrange tracks automatically to minimise crossovers (as it previously always did), or by your set sort order.

Timeline View

  • The Timeline View header now shows a short message when there are items that aren’t shown on the timeline due to not having dates set.

Calendar Picker

  • The calendar picker now greys out dates that cannot be selected. For example, if you are setting an event’s end date, dates before the event starts will be greyed out.

Entity panels

  • The entity panel add rows now have dropdowns to select to create parent item types, such as Character Groups in the Characters panel. This replaces the Create dropdown at the top of the panel.
  • The sidebar + button will now allow you to create items of types that aren’t shown by themselves in the sidebar, but that are parents of types that are. For example, if you have a Character Group type that is hidden from the sidebar but Characters are shown, you can now use the + button to create a character group in the characters panel.


  • Fixed an issue where some Windows users were asked to login to the app too frequently.
  • Added additional logging to diagnose auto-update issues for affected Windows users.

Aeon Timeline 3.2.22

October 2, 2023

3.2.22 has been released with the following fixes:

Timeline View

  • Fixed a bug where dependency lines would sometimes not show in Timeline View when scrolling away from the related item.


  • Fixed a bug where time measurements/character ages would always show “from start” rather than “since end” when applicable.

Printing and Image Export

  • Fixed a bug where Subway View’s date headers weren’t printed.
  • Fixed a bug where some Subway View lines wouldn’t get printed if they were only partially on the page.
  • Fixed a bug where date text and compact displays would print and export too light on the Light and Mellow themes.
  • Fixed a bug where timeline ticks would export to light on the High Contrast themes.
  • Fixed a bug where compact displays would export as black text on a black background on the High Contrast Light theme.

Copy and Paste

  • Fixed a bug where date constraints that depend on other items wouldn’t copy correctly when copying and pasting the related items.


  • Fixed a bug where the work view headers and toolbars could shift and become mispositioned on MacOS Sonoma.
  • Fixed a bug where Cmd + Delete wouldn’t delete an item in Spreadsheet and Outline views when selecting a whole row.

Upgrading from Version 2

  • Fixed a bug where files would fail to upgrade if they had an event set at 1AD.

Aeon Timeline 3.2.20

August 31, 2023

We have just released version 3.2.20, which includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where items wouldn’t be shown in Timeline View if their parents weren’t also shown.
  • Fixes an issue where inverse relationships wouldn’t be shown in the inspector or in item cards.
  • Fixes an issue where the inspector or Timeline View could crash on MacOS High Sierra.
  • Fixes an issue where related items would not be included when exporting to CSV if their labels contained non-latin characters.

Aeon Timeline 3.2.18

August 23, 2023

We have just released version 3.2.18, which includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixes an issue calculating non-English initials and exporting to CSV.
  • Fixes strikethrough not showing when printing completed items.
  • Improves the error message shown when a Scrivener folder that is being synced is deleted in Scrivener.
  • Fixes a crash when syncing with Ulysses if a synced folder is marked as ignored in Ulysses.

Aeon Timeline 3.2

August 16, 2023

Large Datasets

  • The app can now handle several thousand items with minimal lag, so you can work with larger timelines more efficiently.

Data Clarity

  • To make items more recognisable and meaningful, we’ve combined an item’s color with its type icon into a single coloured icon. E.g. Green item color + person type icon = green person icon.
  • To help you keep track of your data, each view’s header now displays a count of the number of items in the view, as well as a count of the items that are being filtered out.

Easier Editing

  • To maximise your working space, the inspector will now be automatically hidden when no item is selected on Mac and Windows. You can customise this behaviour from the right panel icon at the top right of the screen.
  • We’ve added quick-entry rows to the entity lists and the mobile app lists for faster data entry.
  • To make it easier to keep track of items as you edit them, items are now highlighted after dragging and dropping them.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added to increase, decrease, and reset the zoom level.


  • To help people get started planning their story, project, historical or legal timelines, we’ve redesigned the welcome screen and added new starter files that are populated with example content.
  • We’ve updated the example timelines to better showcase the most relevant features and use cases.


  • Aeon Timeline now syncs with Ulysses' Projects feature.

Spreadsheet and Outline Views

  • Spreadsheet and Outline Views now more clearly show items’ chronological and narrative positions in the leftmost column.
  • You can now copy and paste in Spreadsheet and Outlines Views by first selecting an entire row by clicking on a cell in the leftmost column.
  • Date fields in Spreadsheet View, Outline View, and the inspector now appear blank when they aren’t set rather than showing “None”.
  • Instead of scrolling and causing a large screen jump, Spreadsheet View now shows a sticky row when an edit causes a row to move out of view.
  • The column settings for Spreadsheet and Outlines View are now more accessible through the + column or in the footer.

Timeline View

  • You can now navigate the Timeline context bar with a single click instead of a double-click.
  • We’ve removed some unnecessary whitespace from the Grouped layout in Timeline View.

Relationship View

  • Relationship View now indicates the hovered column and row.

Subway View

  • To improve readability, the Subway view now better adapts its layout to support different font sizes.

Interface and Display

  • The app now defaults to the Light theme for new users.
  • In order to offer you more icon options, we have switch to a standardised icon set. More icon options have been added for item types and calendar markers.
  • Selected items now appear in an active color (blue for most themes) for better visibility.
  • We’ve removed the active color from the work view headers to reduce visual noise.
  • We're added the option to show each related item type on a new line in item cards.
  • Zoom options have been added for iPad and iPhone in the View Display Settings panel.

Custom Templates

  • Custom templates can now include relationships.


  • In Windows, when the app doesn’t have the necessary permissions to update, it will now prompt for permissions rather than failing silently. Note that this will only start to take effect with the next release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some changes made in Scrivener would not be synced when quickly switching from Scrivener and syncing before Scrivener could save the changes. Now, the app will display a message when the file has changed on disk and cancel the sync. In this situation, you will need to click Sync again to bring over the newly saved changes.
  • The validation when adding a link is now less strict and won’t wipe out the link on validation error.
  • Fixed many additional bugs.