Character Development

Evolve your characters and your plot together

Craft characters that lead your story, and forge storylines that light their way

Craft authentic characters

Aeon Timeline helps you develop active characters who bring your story to life. Give your characters agency to shape your story with their choices and interactions.

Hand your characters the reins

See and understand your characters' journeys so you can plan their next moves. Aeon Timeline helps you focus on individual arcs, so you can craft characters who shape your story based on their challenges and choices.

Evolve goals and motivations

Evolve your characters' motivations alongside your story. Key moments might push them to confront hard truths or make tough choices that change your story's direction. With Aeon Timeline, you can keep track of these changes at different points in the story, seeing how events impact their goals and values over time.

Connect character and plot growth

Throughout your story, your characters will grow, face hurdles, and triumph or stumble. Easily see their arcs alongside your main plot with grouped timelines, so you can weave a rich and resonant story.

Design relatable characters

Create genuine and complex characters that your readers can love, hate, and empathize with.

Craft core backstories

Understanding your characters' experiences, traumas, and relationships can help you shape their choices and actions. Aeon Timeline helps you easily build up the key moments in their backstories. See how old characters were at any event, all in an easy timeline view.

See them through your readers' eyes

With Aeon Timeline, you can track both specific scenes included in your book or script, and your broader story universe. Easily see how often a character appears in your narrative and the actions they take, so you can analyze how readers will come to know them.

Build deep relationships

Meaningful relationships transform characters and drive plot developments. Explore how your characters' interactions with family, friends, and foes shape their stories.

Follow shared moments

See how your characters come together and move apart, so you can gain a deeper understanding into characters' bonds. Subway view helps focus on specific characters and their interactions.

Balance your cast

Balance the development and visibility of characters across a cast. Relationship view lets you quickly see and manage where your characters appear in your story, helping you spot characters that need more exposure.

Map character connections

Have a large or complex cast? With Aeon Timeline, you can organize your characters into groups, or use mindmap view to map relationships within alliances, families, crews, and more.

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