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Narrative View

Experiment with Narrative Structures

Flip the order, change it back, make it better. Get creative and break the mold with narrative view. Easily change the order of your story and try different endings.

What If?

Explore different story outcomes as easily as reordering index cards.

Keep Your Story Aligned

Easily reorganize the backstory and character arcs when changing the order of scenes.

Custom Properties

Write Consistent Chapters

Maintain consistency in your chapters by adding notes and properties to each scene. Note down what's happening in your plot to guarantee chapter consistency and peace of mind.

Track important details across scenes

Strengthen your characters' development

Record plot advancement, and continuity details

Subway View

Track Scenes and
Follow Your Characters

Whether you're a screenwriter or novelist, Subway View helps you visualize how the interconnections between story elements or characters naturally come together. Effortlessly track your story's threads as they emerge.

Timeline View

Organize Your Plot for Continuity

Crafting a logical plot can require getting into the nitty gritty. We've made it easy for you to manage, reorder, and edit the events that take place in-scene. Now you can ensure that your story hits the key moments from beginning to end.

How to Build a Compelling Narrative with Aeon Timeline

Aeon Timeline simplifies the process of crafting a logical plot. Follow these steps to create a compelling story:

Step 1: Start with planned scenes ideas or a story framework

Select your favourite story framework to kick-start your writing process.

Step 2: Craft and structure your narrative and story elements

Build out your story in outline view. Easily track characters and story beats.

Step 3: Organize your scenes into a logical plot

Easily ensure your plot flows smoothly. Handle thousands of events, characters, or story elements.

"I like to write fast and I like to write loose. Aeon Timeline allows me to be more spontaneous, because in the background, I can build this framework that I can rely on to work out where I am."

David Williams

Journalist, academic, and author


Find answers to commonly asked questions about narrative structure and definitions.

What is narrative structure?

Narrative structure refers to the organization and arrangement of events, characters, and themes in a story. It helps create a logical plot and ensures coherence and flow.

Why is narrative structure important?

Narrative structure is important because it provides a framework for storytelling. It helps writers create engaging narratives, build tension, and convey their intended message effectively.

How do I develop a narrative structure?

Developing a narrative structure involves planning the plot, identifying key story elements, and organizing them in a logical sequence. It may also include considering themes, character arcs, and plot twists.

What is the difference between a chronological story order vs a narrative order?

There are various types of narrative structures, such as linear narratives, non-linear narratives, parallel narratives, and circular narratives. Each type offers a unique way of presenting the story.

How can Aeon Timeline help with narrative structuring?

Aeon Timeline is a powerful tool that allows authors and organizers to easily plan, investigate, and visualize chronological information. With its connected views and features like timeline canvas, interactive spreadsheet, and chapter outliner, it provides a comprehensive solution for crafting a logical plot.

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