Storylines & Subplots

Craft intriguing scenes and layered storylines

Aeon Timeline helps you plan and orchestrate your story's arcs and subplots.

Captivate your audience

Layered storylines add meaning and depth, and keep readers hooked. With Aeon Timeline, you can easily understand how your storylines interlace, so you can focus on being creative.

Interlace storylines

Let storylines branch and flow from your characters' decisions and your world's events. With grouped timelines, you can easily see how your subplots run alongside each other, so you can track the consequences of your characters' actions.

Build suspense and intrigue

Keep readers engaged and eager to see how your story's threads will unite. Subway view allows for a clear picture of how storylines intertwine within the broader narrative, helping you to anticipate and pace your story.

Shape your plot twists

Add twists that surprise and electrify readers, yet genuinely fit within your story's fabric. With custom relationships and properties, you can easily link connected events or note details and consequences.

Craft characters with depth

We aren't shaped by just one story, but by many woven together. Delve into love, loss, and everything in between across storylines, and give readers a deeper look into your characters and into the human condition.

Rich character arcs

Let your characters grow and show off different sides of themselves, or give secondary characters their own moments to shine and contribute to the story's depth. By filtering your timeline, you can easily focus on a specific character's story.

Align character and plot progression

Dive deeper with advanced filtering and see how a character's main and secondary storylines intertwine. Strategically reveal more about characters while reflecting and amplifying your main plot.

Richer storytelling

Experiment with non-linear storytelling, shifting perspectives, or intricate plot structures. Get creative and craft a richer and more rewarding reading experience.

Manage flashbacks and flash-forwards

Reveal your characters' pasts or give a glimpse of what's to come. With Aeon Timeline, you can see your chronological story in timeline view, and also manage your book's order of scenes in narrative view.

Explore complex themes

Delve deeper into complex topics with Aeon Timeline. Multiple storylines let you explore themes from different perspectives. Tag your plot points to track and visualize how different themes are woven into your story.

Pace your scenes

Subplots can keep your story moving, adding interest and extra details without losing momentum. With Aeon Timeline, you can see which scenes follow which storylines, ensuring a smooth and balanced flow as your story shifts between them.

Shape your world

Explore the facets of your story's world—its cultures, history, and politics—through different storylines. With custom item types, you can create, tag, and track any element of your story to fit your vision.

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