Worldbuilding & Realism

Bring your world and your story together

Plan the world around your story, and explore how it frames and shapes your narrative.

Build an authentic story world

For story worlds to truly come alive, staying true to their own unique rules is key. Aeon Timeline helps you cohesively weave your story world and your narrative together.

Transport your readers

Build and broaden your world's timeline alongside your story with timeline view. Weave in details of your world into your writing as your plot unfolds for a truly immersive story.

Craft characters forged by your world

A character's time and place motivates how they think and act. Grouped timelines help you easily see and compare your world's timeline and character arcs in one place.

Drive conflict and tension

Whether it's political clashes or world disasters, your world's events can catalyze your plot. Calendar markers help you highlight key dates in your story world, so you can weave them into your characters' challenges and narratives.

Ensure consistent settings

Tag the locations where your scenes take place, or any other crucial story elements like climate or economic conditions. Filter and focus sets of scenes, so you can weave in the right amount of detail and balance "showing" and "telling" across your story.

Make your world one-of-a-kind

Explore and grow your ideas, and craft a rich story that’s uniquely yours.

Go from concept to creation

Bring to life new worlds, mysterious creatures, or advanced societies. With Aeon Timeline's custom collections, you can create, detail, and shape your plot around your story's unique concepts.

Shape time with custom calendars

Create your own calendar and customize eras, months, and weekdays. Your custom calendar might reflect your world's history, beliefs or environment. You can also create and visualize important holidays in timeline view with calendar markers.

Thought-provoking themes

Explore complex themes like power, morality, and identity through your fictional world. With Aeon Timeline, you can easily tag, track, and understand how themes run through your story.

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