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Plan epic stories easily

Plan and navigate your full story with Aeon Timeline. Manage sprawling stories, cases, and projects with ease. Spend less time juggling notes, and more time thinking big.

Timeline showing initial events from the story Around the World in 80 Days

Custom Item Types

Define custom collections and categories to help organize your work.

Flexible Details

Track exactly what you need for your project with custom properties. Add notes, lists, or attachments.

Assign & Track

Map key connections

Easily link dates, events, and the people and places involved. Customize what you track so you can focus on what's important, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

A spreadsheet of tasks with assignments and notes

Custom Tags

Track whether someone was a participant or witness at an event. Customize the tags you use to better manage your story or case.

Nested Events

Use nesting to create detailed breakdowns of events, for a clear visual hierarchy.

Insights & Analysis

Untangle your story's threads

Compare how your timelines evolve and progress. Explore the threads of your story or case, so you can make informed decisions and drive your work forward.

Explore Different Views

Visualize sequences of events, and how they intersect. Easily see  your project from different angles.

Calendar Markers

Highlight key milestone moments so they stand out or denote significant periods for context.

"I like to write fast and I like to write loose. Aeon Timeline allows me to be more spontaneous, because in the background, I can build this framework that I can rely on to work out where I am."

David Williams

Journalist, academic, and author

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